Pesky leaks may feel like a constant struggle, but did you know there’s a long-lasting solution? Repiping a house means years of worry-free plumbing. Drain Genie Plumbing Services handles repiping in Orlando, Deltona, Sanford, Longwood, and the surrounding areas in Florida. To request an estimate on a project, contact us at (407) 287-6082.

Repiping 101

With years of experience in providing maintenance to residential and commercial properties, our qualified plumbers are skilled at all aspects of whole-house repiping. We start in the attic and re-route all the water lines to each fixture in the kitchen and bathroom.

At Drain Genie, we take great care to make as few holes in your walls as possible, and of course we’ll make any necessary patches when we’re done.

Exposed water pipe with a leak

Is it time for new pipes? Find out now!

Why is Repiping Necessary?

How do you even know if a plumber should repipe your house? Repiping may be necessary if there’s low water pressure or rust-colored water from the faucet. The most telling sign is when a plumber finds a pinhole leak under the slab.

As a homeowner, you have a choice between having the leak repaired or replacing the pipe. Pipe repairs are a temporary fix that lead to more expenses down the road. Repiping the house eliminates the weak piping and is best for avoiding future leaks.

Polybutlylene Repipe

Many homes in the Orlando area have polybutylene piping, a notoriously unreliable product. The pipe was relatively cheap to install; however, the brittle plastic fittings made this type of pipe prone to snapping. Because polyputylene pipe gained a reputation for cracking, a lawsuit was filed in the early 2000s. Today most insurance companies require homeowners to get a repipe in order to receive coverage. Call Drain Genie at (407) 287-6082 to schedule a repipe and avoid the potential disaster of a flood.

Copper Replacement

If your home has copper piping, you should also consider replacement as a top priority. The most common problem with copper pipes are small pinhole leaks, but issues with copper don’t stop there:

  • Weak Product: Builders who used Type M copper may have cut costs with this cheap alternative, but our plumbers have seen the product fail within five years. If that’s the case, we strongly recommend a repipe.
  • Poor Workmanship: Plumbers who rushed during the soldering job may have left the binding agent flux on the pipe. Flux can be corrosive and eat through the copper if not wiped off.
  • Electrical Ground: Orlando is known for lightening storms, which can be a concern for homeowners with copper piping that is grounded to the main electrical panel. When multiple slab leaks occur as a result, replacement is the best option.

PEX Piping — The Superior Choice

Piping problems can be prevented by upgrading to a better quality product. So what exactly is the best repiping option for your Orlando home? Between the two popular choices of PEX and CPVC, the experts at Drain Genie recommend PEX piping. Although they cost about the same, PEX tubing is a flexible polymer that is sturdier than CPVC and requires less fitting. Our professionals use quality PEX piping that has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For trustworthy plumbers who can best answer your repiping questions, call Drain Genie at (407) 287-6082 today or make a service request online. From repairing toilets and water heaters to restoring water damage, our pros are able to take care of all your plumbing needs. We serve Orlando, Daytona Beach, DeLand, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Apopka, and the surrounding areas.