Plumbing Leaks Are They Covered By Your Insurance?

Plumbing leaks are they covered by your insurance? Leaks on your plumbing system can happen anytime for any reason. Water damage can happen from a broken waterline to a clogged overflowing toilet and can cause thousands in damage to your property. So what is covered by your homeowners insurance in the event of a plumbing leak? Most insurance companies will cover damage caused by leak and cosmetic repairs. So for example if you have unknown plumbing leaks under your slab. First you would need to locate leak which is called electronic leak detection this service is mostly covered by your insurance. Once leak is found under slab the cost for plumbing repair would not be covered however they will reimburse you for the time it takes for the Orlando plumber to access leak and the damage caused to make plumbing repair. This usually covers most of the bill because the … Continued

BuyIng Guide For DIY Plumbing Repairs

Trying to do some plumbing repairs around the home to save some money over the holidays? Every year around this time, we see customers trying to save some money on plumbing repairs. Most people will wind up calling an Orlando plumber in the end out of frustration to make or finish the repair. When we get the calls from customers that try to do the repairs on their own, we cringe because in most cases the customer makes the problem worse. There are, however, some cases where we have gone on jobs and the customer does a great job. They just used the wrong materials. Here are some things to look at when buying materials.Water line repairs:   When repairing water lines, it is very Important to know the type of pipe you are repairing. Older homes have copper while newer homes have CPVC. But, you also have PEX and … Continued

Hurricanes And Your Orlando Plumbing

Your Orlando plumbing is at risk every time there is a hurricane in more ways then one can imagine. When people think hurricanes they think of wind damage, but that’s not always the case. Water from the storm can affect your plumbing as well. Lets start with the most obvious things to watch out for during a storm.Any exterior hose spigot: It is a smart idea to protect these from flying debris. Cover them or trim trees that over hang these plumbing fixtures. We see tree limbs hit the house and take off a hose spigot all the time after storms. This causes water to spray out of the side of your home and you’ll have to shut down your water.Protect any exposed piping: This includes main water feed to home or back flow device damages that can occur.Protecting your Orlando plumbing before a storm is very important. Know where your whole … Continued

Plumbing Issues? Who’s Responsible City Or You?

Plumbing issues? Who’s responsible city or you? Having a plumbing issue can be very frustrating, and often times, they come up at the worst possible time: Either when money is tight or guests are over. Like anything, having a plumbing issue at any time is a bad time and a big inconvenience. So what happens when you have an issue outside your home? Such as water spraying out from the ground (Water Main Break) or the drains backing up and causing sewage to back flow into the showers and causing the toilets to overflow? Well, it all depends where the plumbing issue is.For example, if you have a water main break, chances are very high it is going to be your responsibility, even if it is by the water meter. The only way the break would be a city of Orlando issue or any other city would be if the … Continued

Cast Iron Pipe In your Orlando FL Home? You May Qualify For Class Action Lawsuit

Is your Orlando FL home built in 1975 or earlier? If so, chances are your drain line is cast iron. We have for years known the issues cast iron pipes have and the effects it has on the home and the problems it causes for our Central Florida residents. We can count hundreds of situations where customers have had horrible back ups. This can cause sewage to seep into their homes. Here are some of the issues we have seen with cast iron pipe.Persistent back ups/clogged drains This is caused by scaling inside the pipe which slows the waste down and causes clogs. Also, chunks of the scale can break free from the pipe causing back ups.Broken pipe  We see it all the time, especially on kitchen drains. The cast iron deteriorates at the bottom of the drain and 90 degree bend and causes a clog, causing sewage to leak … Continued

Are You Seeing Water? Maybe A Leak Under The Slab

Seeing water? It may be a leak under the slab. If you are in a home that was built in the early 90’s, chances are your home is piped with copper. Copper is a reliable pipe but has major issues, it comes in a few different thicknessesM Type: is the thinnest and is what is used in a lot of homes in the Orlando FL and surrounding neighborhoods. This is the worst pipe to have. It gets pinholes fairly easy and just does not last.L Type: is mid grade. This is mostly used up north and in commercial properties in the Orlando area. This pipe usually lasts a little bit longer. Most plumbing companies don’t use it because it is a lot more expensive.K Type: Is the thickest and is usually only used underground. It is very expensive but is a really heavy pipe.All three of these pipes have issues … Continued

Bad Odor In Your Home Top Reasons That Are Caused By Plumbing Issues

Does your home have a bad odor that you can’t seem to pinpoint? If so, it may be your plumbing and it may be a good time to call an Orlando plumber. Bad odor can come from anywhere in your plumbing system. Here are some of the main plumbing issues that cause odor in your home that are caused by plumbing issues.  Broken pipe inside home:  This can be caused by many different reasons. The pipe can be old and rotten or it could be caused by installation error or even rodents, yes, rodents can chew through vents causing sewer gas to enter the home. For this situation the best way to locate the source of the smell is to hire an Orlando plumbing company that does smoke tests. This will locate the source of the smell.Plugged plumbing vents:  Every plumbing fixture and or plumbing group has a vent that terminates … Continued

24 Hour Plumbers In Winter Springs Emergencies Happen 24/7

Emergencies don’t just happen during regular business hours. Having good plumbers in Winter Springs is a must. They can happen 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You could be out cutting your yard on Saturday morning and hit a water line and need service that day. Many plumbing companies say they work on nights and weekends but really don’t. Many times emergencies happen after work, that is when most people are home using their showers, toilets, and sinks. We see it all the time: people will throw a load of laundry in and next thing you know the water is coming out of the toilets and flooding your home. You want to call a Winter Springs plumber and have them out ASAP to fix your plumbing disaster? We at Drain Genie Plumbing Services feel the best way to deal with a plumbing emergency is to prepare before you … Continued

Repipe Learn The Biggest Problems With Orlando Repipes

Have you had a repipe in your Orlando home? Many times having a repipe is the way to go if you have a plumbing leak in your home. If your home is older and you have copper or if you have polybutylene, a repipe is the best plan of action for a homeowner. It will provide years of worry-free use if installed properly and protected. In a repipe job, we abandon the existing underground pipes and rerun new pipes up through the attic.  We have seen many plumbing issues over the years and most are improper installation, but the most common problem is pests. We have seen a lot of leaks on repipes in the attic and almost all are caused by rodents, whether it’s squirrels or rats. Many customers call to complain that they just had a repipe and they now have another leak and upon inspection it is … Continued

Protect Your Home From Plumbing Leaks

Protect your home from plumbing leaks. Having a leak in your plumbing system is bad enough when you are home. A broken pipe while you are home can cause a tremendous amount of water damage. Imagine if your not home. If one or two minutes can cause a lot of damage, what about six or seven hours? Catastrophic. There are things that you can do to minimize plumbing leaks. The obvious ones are keep your plumbing system maintained, fix small plumbing leaks when they occur. Letting small leaks linger can cause larger leaks that will cause more damage and cost more to repair. There are some cool gadgets that can protect your home from leaks. Automatic main shutoff valves are pretty good added protection to your home. They can shut off your main water supply automatically when a leak is detected. There also are some models that will let you … Continued