Is Your Water Heater’s Reset Button Continuously Tripping

We all know how important hot water is in our daily routines hot showers, laundry and washing dishes to name a few. So when your water heater’s reset button keeps tripping what should you do? The first time it happens remove the top panel on the water heater. Inside you will see a red reset button push it to reset the thermostat. If you do this and the button keeps tripping there is a problem with the thermostat and it should be replaced. When this happens try to notice if the water gets extremely hot right before it goes out. This indicates that the thermostats are bad or going bad. The reset button usually trips for safety to prevent the tank from overheating and potentially becoming a bomb. If your heater is continuously tripping you should call a Orlando plumbing company to replace the thermostats. We usually recommend replacing all … Continued

What To Do When You Have A Leaking Water Heater

What do you do when you have a leaking water heater? A water heater is a big part of our daily lives. Whether it is taking a shower, bath or washing dishes having hot water is a must! So when your hot water heater stops working, it is a big problem. What causes your hot water heater to stop working?  One of the biggest reasons is a leaking water heater. Most heaters last on average 10 years. Some heaters may last longer, some shorter; it just depends on the water condition and the maintenance on the water heater. What should you do in the event you walk into your garage and find water around your water heater. Before you call an Orlando plumbing company, here are some things to check if you have water around your heater.Check the pipes going into the top of the heater. Make sure there are no … Continued

Is Your Water Heater Leaking Or Is It A Slab Leak?

You pull your car in the garage after a long day at work to find water around your water heater flowing slowly toward the garage door. You automatically assume the water heater is leaking, but not always is that the case. The average water heater lasts about 10 years although sometimes you have a heater that lasts shorter than that. If your heater is newer but your home is older (built in the 90’s or earlier), It could very well be a slab leak or a wall leak. Behind most water heaters are what’s called a manifold system. This is where the hot and cold water is dispersed throughout your home. It’s also a common spot for plumbing leaks to occur. There are also cases where below the slab in that area develops leaks in the piping and the water will work it’s way up into the garage. Before your … Continued

Need A Deland Plumber Call Drain Genie Plumbing Services

Are you located in Deland FL,  and are in need of a Deland plumber. We are now expanding our services to the Deland area.   We are a full service plumbing company and can help you in all your plumbing needs from 24 hour emergency plumbing repairs, water heater repairs and installs, leak detection to drain cleaning and sewer video inspection. Deland is a mostly an older home community and it takes a plumbing company thats experienced in repairs on older homes. We have a long track record of superior customer service. When you call you will talk to a actual plumber not a answering service or receptionist. We are excited about expanding our service to the Deland FL area we look Forward to Growing in Deland. If you need quick service call a local plumber we are local and can in most cases get to you fairly quickly.Drain cleaning … Continued

Reasons Why To Drain Your Water Heater

We get questions all the time about whether it is a good idea to drain your water heater. The answer is yes, but it also depends on how old the water heater is and if or when it was drained last. This matters because if your Orlando water heater is very old and has never been drained or it was drained a long time ago, it can cause more issues. The main issue is the drain at the bottom clogging and not being able to shut off. But, if you have a new water heater it is a very good idea to drain it once a year. Why is it a good idea to do this? Here are a few reasons:Draining your water heater yearly adds life to your water heater, removing sediment which prematurely rusts out water heaters.Next big thing is that it saves electric and/or gas, this is … Continued

Is That Your Water Heater Leaking Or Not?

You go out into your garage and notice a big wet stain around your water heater. Most people automatically assume that their water heater has sprung a leak, but this is not necessarily the case all the time. Water around the heater is usually a heater leak, but sometimes not. Here are some things to check to tell if it is your water heater or not.Is it by an A/C unit? If it is check and see if your unit is wet. Then, check the drain many times. If your air conditioner is clogged, it will back up on the ground around the heater, making it look like a water leak.Next, if you are in an older home there is also a chance that you have a leak in the wall behind the water heater. To check for this, run your hand along the wall behind the water heater. It … Continued

Why Do I Have To Install A Hybrid Water Heater?

Why do I have to install a Hybrid water heater? We get this question a lot, especially because the cost is so much higher than the standard water heaters for both the heater and the labor for your Orlando plumber to install it. Last year the government made some changes on how water heater manufacturers make water heaters, making them more efficient, so now heaters 55 gallons and down are required to have more insulation in them. Now, the heaters are much larger. A 55 gallon heater is now the same dimensions as the old 80 gallon heaters. This is a big deal because if you are limited for space, the new heater will not fit. Any water heater larger then 55 gallons has to be a hybrid or tankless hybrid heaters, they are way more efficient. For example, a standard 65 gallon water heater runs about 500 dollars a … Continued

Converting From Gas Tank Water Heater To Tankless Water Heater

With the newer style tank water heaters coming out they tend to be larger in height. This can cause issues for water heaters installed in tight areas. If you have a water heater in a tight spot there is not much you can do. The expense of moving a water heater, the water lines, and the vent pipe could be very expensive. The next option would to install an electric water heater but electric water heaters are not very efficient and you would still have to get an electrician to put new breakers and run wiring to the heater. The best option would be to convert your tank style water heater to tankless. The gas tankless water heaters work very well they are very compact and heat water on demand so you have unlimited hot water. They usually will mount and install with only miner adjustments to the water lines, … Continued

Do You Need A New Water Heater Install In Orlando?

There are somethings you need to know about water heater replacement in the Orlando area. As of the beginning of the year the water heater companies are having to add insulation causing the height and width of the new water heaters to be larger. We have been running into problems with installation of the new water heaters as a consumer hear are somethings you need to know. So if you need a new water heater installed your Orlando plumber will know what to expect on the install. If your water heater is in a garage with plenty of room you will have no issues. Pay attention to the space if it is tight with little room around it let your plumber know so he can know what to expect and if the new heater will even fit in the area. This will benefit you and the plumber the last thing … Continued

Do You Have A Water Heater In The Orlando Area Under An A/C Unit ?

Do you have a water heater in the Orlando area that is under an A/C unit ? If so you might start thinking about calling an Orlando plumber and replacing it now before the new water heater standards affect you. The new standards are going to affect the size of the new water heaters making it bigger and taller. So if you have a water heater in a tight area its best to replace it now before the plumbing supply stores sell out of the older style heaters. How is the size of the water heater going to affect you?  Well if your space is small and the heater is bigger, you not only will be paying 35% more for the newer heater but you also will be paying a lot more in plumbing installation costs. Why? Because if it does not fit in the small area that the old one … Continued