5 Types of Toilet Stains and How to Get Rid of Them

Aside from being unsightly, toilet stains can cause actual problems, whether located on the inside or the outside of the toilet. Moreover, many substances cause them. In any event, it’s crucial to remove them as quickly as possible. In this post, Drain Genie Plumbing Services describes five types of toilet stains, why they present problems, and how to remove them.

Guide to Installing a New Dishwasher

If you enjoy home updates, learning new things, and getting your hands dirty, DIY projects are likely for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert DIYer for every task. For instance, installing a new dishwasher is pretty straightforward. For reference, Drain Genie Plumbing Services put together a guide to do just that. Keep reading to learn more.

Is That Your Water Heater Leaking Or Not?

You go out into your garage and notice a big wet stain around your water heater. Most people automatically assume that their water heater has sprung a leak, but this is not necessarily the case all the time. Water around the heater is usually a heater leak, but sometimes not. Here are some things to check to tell if it is your water heater or not.Is it by an A/C unit? If it is check and see if your unit is wet. Then, check the drain many times. If your air conditioner is clogged, it will back up on the ground around the heater, making it look like a water leak.Next, if you are in an older home there is also a chance that you have a leak in the wall behind the water heater. To check for this, run your hand along the wall behind the water heater. It … Continued

Installing New Faucets Most Expensive Is Not Always The Best

When installing new faucets, the most expensive is not always the best. Most people think buying an expensive faucet must be good, but that is not always the case. The problem with expensive faucets is the fact that when they need to be repaired, the parts sometimes are hard to find and can take time to get to in order to repair the faucet or shower faucet. This is sometimes not good if the faucet is leaking pretty badly and needs to be repaired quickly. Cheap faucets also are not always good either for the same reasons, and the quality of the valve or faucet can be poor and need to be replaced instead of repairing the faucet because of the low quality. The best faucet to pick when having your Oviedo plumber install is a well known name such as Moen, Delta or Kohler. All these name brands are … Continued

Why Does My Oviedo Plumber Charge What He Charges?

We touched on this question a few years ago, but thought we would go over why your Oviedo plumber charges what he charges again. Many people think that plumbers charges are outrageous, for example most plumbing companies are charging $100 an hour or more, and if a plumber comes out and the job takes 20 minutes, the customer feels ripped off. This is far from the case if you go to a doctor, lawyer, or any service. They charge quite a bit and you have to drive to them. A plumber has to drive to you, which requires labor to drive, gas wear and tear on the vehicle, insurance on a commercial vehicle, workers comp, and then you have parts to make the plumbing repair. If you figure the cost for all of those things, the plumbing company really does not make much off of $100 an hour. You really do … Continued

Installing A Reverse Osmosis System In Oviedo

Are you thinking about installing a reverse osmosis system in your Oviedo home. Here are somethings to know about the reverse osmosis system. First hire a competent Oviedo plumbing company to do the work if the system is installed incorrectly it can cause flooding of your home not good. A reverse osmosis system is going to provide you with the most purist water around, it will remove all conaminents in the water. What most people don’t realize is that it also removes everything including essential minerals so while leaving your water crystal clean it also takes good things out leaving your water really with nothing for your body. The other thing to note is that the reverse osmosis system wastes a lot of water it can not push  all the water threw the membrane so what ever it can’t it pushes the remanding water into your drain line wasting water. … Continued

The Downfalls Of Hiring A Handyman To Do Plumbing Repairs

The downfalls of hiring a handyman to do plumbing repairs. Sure you have a bunch of plumbing repairs and faucet installs on your home. So you decide to hire a handyman to make the repairs and sure they are simple. Why pay an Oviedo plumber top dollar to do minor plumbing repairs. Well hire a handyman and you may be sorry. Sure handymen are good for some things like hanging a ceiling fan or some cosmetic things but plumbing repairs should be left up to a licensed plumber. We have seen first hand the costly mistakes of customers trying to save a buck and hiring a handyman. When a handyman makes a mistake it will cost you more for a plumber to fix it than if the plumber came in and did the original repair. This is because most of the time whatever was done will have to be cut out … Continued

High Water Bill Check Your Water Heater Expansion Valve ..

So the city knocks on your door and leaves a notice informing that you have a leak and they shut your water off and tell you to call an Oviedo plumbing contractor to find and fix the leak. There are times that a leak like this is located outside by the meter box or under the slab of the home but most of the common scenerios are toilet flappers and the water heater expansion valve or the temperature relief valve. If you get a notice, we at Drain Genie Plumbing Services suggest to check your water heater expansion valve. So how can you tell if its the expansion valve? Well look at the water heater and on the top of the piping of the water heater there is a brass metal fitting which has a 1/2 inch discharge line that usually runs outside of the home. Then follow that line and … Continued

Oviedo Drain Cleaning Question, Why Does My Drain Keep Backing Up

Why does my drain keep backing up? We get that question a lot and the simple fact is that a continuous drain clog only happens for a few reasons and they are roots, broken line, bad installation, or flushing things down the toilet that should not be. The older your home the more chances there are for drain problems. Why is that? Well homes built in Oviedo or Central Florida from the early 70’s or earlier where installed with cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipe rusts from the inside out and scales. This scale build up creates a rough surface in the pipe which causes things to get caught and not move as freely as plastic drains do. Which brings us up to the number one reason for drain cleaning services in Oviedo and the Orlando area. Wipes, paper towels feminine products yes even the flushable ones they cause havoc … Continued

Things To Do In The Event Of A Broken Water Main

 You are in your home and all of a sudden you loose water pressure to your home.  You ask yourself, what in the world is going on? Why do I have low or no water pressure? You walk around your home and notice water is gushing out of the ground. What should you do? This week, this situation has occurred multiple times. First thing to do is not panic. You most likely have a broken water main. Here  is a list of things you should do: 1. Many people panic with a broken water main. As a result, they shut the main water off in their house.  Unfortunately, this will not shut off  the water from a leak between the meter and your home. The best thing to do is locate your water meter. Most water meters in Orlando and Oviedo are usually located in the front by the street. … Continued