What Are The Problems With Terra Cotta Sewer Mains

Have you had a main drain line back up in your Deltona or Central FL home and your plumber performed drain cleaning and pulled roots out and camera your drain line and found you have terra cotta pipe. Terra cotta pipe has been around for thousands of years and is in many older homes in the U.S.A. The pipe itself is very durable and the problems with terra cotta are the joints or the connections which are the weakest point on the pipe allowing the roots to penetrate into the plumbing system and breaking the line causing your drain to clog.    Another problem with terra cotta pipe is that it is very short in length which means you have many connections. The more connections the more flex you have in the line so as the ground settles you get bellies in the sewer line causing tissue to build up and cause your drain to back up. If you have … Continued

Deltona Garbage Disposal Repair Or Replacment

There are many brands of garbage disposals in Deltona Florida. When choosing a garbage disposal you should always get a good brand and quality product. The low quality garbage disposals will cause you many problems. They do not last as long but worse they will cause major kitchen sink clogs. They are usually 1/3 horse power which is a weaker motor and does not grind up the food good enough to get washed down your drain lines causing you to call your Deltona plumber to prerform drain cleaning services. We at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest Badger garbage disposals made by In-Sink-Erator and to get a minimum of 1/2 house power or more to prevent drain clogs. When it comes to repairs you can repair a garbage disposal that is jammed by inserting an allen key in the base of the disposal and twisting it till the debris are removed. Also there is a reset button on the bottom if the power … Continued

Longwood Plumbing : Finding A Clean Plumbing Company

There are a lot of Longwood plumbing companies. Have you ever had a plumbing problem and hired a plumber to clean your drain and they leave mud tracked in your home or smudges all over your bathroom. Most people don’t think of clean as being possible when it comes to plumbing but it is possible. If your Longwood plumber shows up and his truck is filthy and inside the plumbing truck is a mess good chances are he will treat your property the same way or worse if he treats his own stuff like that. You may be in for a big mess when he leaves. It is very important for a Longwood plumber to be clean and organized and if he is not it will cost you more. The reason is that with a messy plumbing truck, the plumber will more than likely take longer because it will take longer to find parts to complete the plumbing repair. … Continued

How to Locate Your Plumbing Cleanout

Finding a clean-out can save on your drain cleaning cost. If you own a home in the Deltona, Central Florida area then you should do yourself a favor and find your clean-out as this can save you big on drain cleaning costs. This should be done before you ever need drain cleaning services because when you are clogged everything is an emergency and most people tend to panic which makes things more difficult. So how do you find a clean-out if you have a newer home? Well you should have a clean out and they are usually located on the opposite side of the house that your water comes in. So if your water comes in on the left side of your home your sewer clean out should be on the opposite side usually about 2-3 feet off the house and usually in line with the plumbing vent on the … Continued

3 Reasons You Should Replace the Main Water Line

We often take for granted our continuous availability of clean fresh water in our Orlando homes, so when you have a leak in your main water line that feeds your home it is a major inconvenience and you are often in a panic to find a Orlando plumber to repair your water main so you can have water running to your home for your daily needs. So when is it good to repair or replace your water main in your home. Here are some reasons to replace your water main:

When Should You Replace Laundry Valves?

When should you replace laundry valves in your Deltona home? There are many reasons why you should replace your laundry valves with the most common reasons being age and consumer causing damage to system. Most of our calls regarding laundry valves in Central Florida are from customers getting a new washer and causing a leak in the wall while they attempt to remove the old hoses. On many older homes most people forget to remove and install new washer hoses every few years and in most cases the washer hose gets corroded to the valve and when the customer tries to remove it they cause a flood by breaking the valve or the pipe in the wall. Here are some things to do before you attempt to install a washer:

4 Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Do you have low water pressure in your Deltona home? There are many reasons why you may have low water pressure in your home. Having low water pressure can be very aggravating whether it is taking for ever to get wet in your shower or losing pressure when someone opens up a faucet or flushes a toilet. It can be very frustrating to have a low pressure problem. Here are some things you may be experiencing due to low pressure in your Deltona home. Broken pipe outside or under your home and you have a broken pipe and don’t realize it, this could cause low pressure issues. Under-sized water piping: under sized water piping is a problem usually found in older homes usually if you have under-sized pipe. If someone opens a faucet you will lose pressure. Valve to water heater or main valve to home may be broken or … Continued

The Top Three Misused Plumbing Parts

Many people try to do plumbing repairs on their own to save money. They go to their local home improvement store and will ask a store associate who has very little or no experience about what parts to use to make a plumbing repair. Most of the time the parts recommended tend to be wrong or worse go on and leak or blow apart and cause water damage. When doing a plumbing repair the following are some of the most misused or parts that should not be used: Shark Bite Couplings: While this fitting has changed plumbing forever there are certain pipes that this part cannot be used with or if you do use it there are different shark bites for different pipe such as polybutelene. Needle Valves: Sometimes people want to add an icemaker line or a dishwasher line and they use a needle valve. These valves are the … Continued

Why Plumbing Repairs Are Best Left to the Pros

Plumbing repairs can be quite expensive and with people still suffering in this economy it can be even more of a problem. When you have a Deltona plumbing repair where do you turn to? A big box store, a friend, a neighbor or do you look online and try to do it yourself. There are many reasons not to do your own plumbing repair and I can only think of one reason why you would do your own plumbing repairs. The only reason would be to save money or get it done cheap. Here’s a list of why not to do a plumbing repair on your own. Damaging your plumbing system:  This is the main reason to hire a Deltona plumber.  If you don’t know what you are doing, attempting a plumbing repair can severely damage your plumbing system and cause more work for your local plumber. Higher plumbing repair bill:  By … Continued

Reasons Why You Should Flush Your Water Heater

Most people don’t think about their Orlando water heater until it is not working properly. The average life span of a water heater is 10-12 years but some heaters will fail in 6-8 years. Why does some water heaters last longer than others? Well some of it depends on the brand name. A low quality water heater will not last as long as a better quality water heater but most of the time it is due to lack of maintenance on the water heater. Most people go about their daily lives and don’t even think about draining their water heater. So how does sediment affect the longevity of your Orlando water heater. Well over the years of sediment build up it fills the bottom of the tank up and slowly starts to ruin the efficiency of the heater, then once the sediment settles over the bottom element it begins to effect … Continued