Does A Water Softener Filter Your Water?

Does a water softener filter your water? The simple answer is no. Our plumbers get this question very often and most people think a water softener is a filter and also filters contaminants from their water supply, but this is not the case, water softeners have a separate brine tank that uses  salt to create this brine solution. In normal operation, hard water moves into the resin tank and the calcium and magnesium ions move to the beads, replacing sodium ions. Which basically means the calcium and magnesium which cause hard water are replaced with salt ions so there is no filtering of the water. The best water treatment system is to have your Apopka plumber install a filtration system first and then install the water softener after. By installing it this way it will prolong the life of your water softener and will also filter your home from harmful contaminants. So if … Continued

Apopka Plumbing Emergencies

       Why is 24 hour emergency plumbing services important in your apopka home? Plumbing emergencies happen anytime of the day and it is very important have a trustworthy Apopka plumber. You will need one that can be trusted and reliable that if you have a plumbing problem at 2 a.m. they will come right away. There are many plumbing emergencies that can occur such as clogged sewer line, leaking water pipe, broken hot water heater or a flood inside your home and at this time it is important to have good plumber. We at Drain Genie Plumbing Services suggest you find a trustworthy plumber before an emergency happens. It’s important to do your research on the plumber so when a problem arises you know who to call and you won’t be in a panic to find someone.      We also suggest to locate your main water shut off to your house so in the event of … Continued

Differences In Water Heater Safety Devises.

It’s good to know different Water heater parts. Many people don’t know the difference between the T&P and expansion valve. The difference is the T&P valve on your water heater which is the part of the water heater in the middle of the hot and cold water feeds on the top of the water heater tank and this is a safety device that is meant to relieve pressure. If your tank is overheating, this is a safety device that if leaking there is a reason and either the water is getting too hot or the valve is bad and needs to be replaced. The reason why it’s not good to cap this is that if capped and it needs to relieve the pressure and can’t it is like a bomb in your Apopka Florida home. If it is leaking, we at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest calling your local Apopka plumber to check it out. The expansion valve is similar but … Continued

Apopka Basic Leak Detection

If you get a high Apopka FL water bill there are somethings you can do before calling a Apopka plumber. The first thing is find where your meter box is. It is usually a black rectangular plastic or concrete box. Remove the lid and look at the dial called the low flow indicator. Make sure no one is using the water in the house and look at the low flow indicator. Of it is moving, there is water loss in your Apopka home. You can then isolate it by finding the water shut off valve to the house, usually on the same side of the house as the meter. Once you find the valve, shut it off. If it stops, then the leak is in the house. If the water moves after shutting the valve off your plumbing leak is outside between the meter and the house. If it is … Continued

Have You Considered A Remodel Of Your Kitchen Or Bathroom In Orlando

Have you considered a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom in Orlando? Here are some tips on what you should do to make sure your remodel process goes smooth. First you need to decide if you are going to move any of the plumbing fixtures and plan where you want to place it.  It’s good to call your local plumber and confirm if it’s possible to reposition the plumbing fixtures. You should try to stay within your budget as much as possible. Some people think it is just a simple job when moving the sink 6 ft to the left or right but actually it’s not that easy at all times. Especially when moving the plumbing drain lines there are a lot of factors in the price such as how thick is the concrete or is the drain line too shallow. Another thing to check is if the drain has pitch, the further you move the drain … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving Hear Are Some Garbage Disposal Tips.

Happy Thanksgiving to all hear are some tips if you have a minor problem with your disposal over the holiday.Many people don’t give much thought on a disposal. There are a few things that goes wrong with garbage disposals. The first is if you drop something in it and it jams this is a minor problem and you can unjam it yourself. Underneath the garbage disposal in the center of the unit is a spot to put an Allen key. Insert the Allen key into the garbage disposal and move it left or right. It will be tight if it is jammed and when it is free you will be able to move the Allen key left or right. Then reach into the garbage disposal and pull out the debris that was clogging it. If you have no power there is a little red button under the garbage disposal and you should press this. … Continued

Top Faucets To Purchase For Years Of Problem Free Use.

There are many faucets to choose from in Apopka Florida but choosing a quality faucet is key to years of problem free plumbing issues with your faucet. The big box stores have many brands of faucets that are good and some are bad. The most expensive faucet is not always the best. Sometimes that is far from the truth. Some of the expensive brands use many parts which makes the cost to repair the faucet in the future more expensive and most Apopka plumbers don’t carry the part on their van. The cheapest faucets are constructed of poor quality and tend not to last long at all. We at Drain Genie Plumbing believe the top two faucets are Moen and Delta. They are mid-priced and have lifetime warranties. Most of your Apopka plumbing contractors stock these brands on their truck and have the parts to repair them. They are of very good quality and fairly easy to install compared to other brands. They … Continued

Apopka Sewer Line Connection How Does A Poor Connection Cause A Clogged Drain

There are many ways that your drains can get clogged in Apopka, Florida. The obvious ones are baby wipes, roots, and feminine products. But did you know that faulty sewer connections are one of the main reasons for plumbing back ups. Our Apopka plumbers have seen a wide range of crazy sewer line connections such as duct tape, plastic wrapped around the pipe and mixed concrete dumped around the sewer line connection. Many times it is because the homeowner found a handyman to make the repair and they just rigged the job or sometimes it is an unlicensed plumber that does not have much experience. So what does this mean to the Apopka consumer? Well if the plumber makes a faulty sewer connection the sewer line will eventually get breached by roots and cause a back-up causing you to call a plumber and have them perform a drain cleaning service call and more than likely running a video camera … Continued

Orlando Water Restoration Company Time Matters…

What happens when you have a plumbing emergency in Orlando FL you usually look up a Orlando plumber online and get them out as quick as possible to fix the plumbing leak. But what about the water from the broken water line? Most people think they can just suck it up with a shop vacuum but this is far from the case. You need an Orlando water restoration company to be expedited immediately to remove the water and dehumidify the air before mold starts to grow. Mold will start to grow within 24-48 hours and you must act quick to prevent deadly mold from growing in your walls.   Our team response is quick and will explain all your options and most insurance companies will cover water removal. When you have a flood that is clean water, most times if water is removed and blowers and dehumidifiers are put into … Continued

Why Does My Water Heater Have To Be Replaced?

There are many reasons why your Apopka water heater will fail. The main four components to a water heater are the tank, Thermostats, elements and anode rod. The average life span on a heater is 8-10 years and after that you are better off replacing the heater or you will have your Apopka plumber constantly doing water heater repairs to your heater. If you suddenly get very hot water this is a sign that the thermostat is getting ready to go. When this goes it is best to do a complete water heater rebuild and replace both upper and lower thermostats and elements. Yes, it will cost a little more but you won’t have to worry about it for a while. Most plumbing companies will just replace the element or thermostat that is bad for a reason. Another service call and the plumber will make more money to come back and replace it piece by piece. If … Continued