6 Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

Some plumbing problems seem to occur repeatedly. When this happens, it not only causes homeowners anxiety, but it also costs them money. For example, why does the toilet keep clogging no matter how many times you treat it? As it turns out, there are a few possible reasons. In this post, Drain Genie Plumbing Services reviews six.

Roots And The Problems They Can Cause On Your Plumbing

Landscaping can cause major problems on your plumbing system. Of course, we all want our yards to look beautiful and having great landscaping makes your home look great, but when planting and landscaping you should keep in mind of your plumbing and where it is. Such as your main drain for your home and your main water line for the house. Having your landscaper install trees or large shrubs in the vicinity of your plumbing can cause horrible problems in the future. We have seen trees planted 2 feet from the drain and water main, sometimes right on top of it. As the tree grows the roots wrap around the pipe and put a tremendous amount of stress on the pipe, breaking it and causing water to spray out from the ground, making it very difficult for the Apopka plumber to make the plumbing repair. Often we have to cut … Continued

How Can You Get Your Garbage Disposal To Last Longer.

Garbage disposals are used all the time, sometimes over used, and this can cause them to break down prematurely. So what is the proper way to use a disposal and what can you do to maintain the unit so it lasts a long time. Watch what goes down the disposal. Many people use disposals for everything wrong. They are only meant for minimal food waste; heavy use such as meat, veggies, etc. will cut down the life of your disposal. Keep it clean, and every once in a while dump some ice into the unit, turn the water on, and run it. This will keep the unit clean and prevent premature rusting out of the unit. Under use, believe it or not, is no good either if you do not use your unit for a long time. It will actually cause the drain to clog and run slow. Also, it … Continued

Is Your Plumbing Problem Your Responsibility Or The Cities?

Is your plumbing problem your responsibility or the cities? We get that question asked a lot and it varies from city to city. Many people think that just because that you have a leaking pipe in the yard it is the cities responsibility to fix it this most often is not the case. For water services the city is only responsible up to the meter anything after the meter is the customers responsibility. So for example you can have a plumbing leak at the meter and still be your responsibility if the break is on the house side of the meter. As far as drain clogs most people think it is the cities problem outside their home. This is not the case your homes sewer system should have a cleanout two to three feet from the home and then another clean out by the street depending on where the clog … Continued

The Importance Of Having A Clean-out For Drain Cleaning

Most people wake up everyday and just take for granted their plumbing. They hop in the shower use the toilet and sink and take it for granted that everything drains good. Until they have a back up then they realize that it is hard to live without a working plumbing system. They panic and call the first Apopka plumber they find to fix the situation. The best scenario that you could have in the event of a clogged drain is a clean-out. What is a clean-out? Well it is a service port that screws off to allow the plumber to snake the clogged drain with easy access. The benefits are usually cost if you have a clean-out it is usually cheaper for the plumber to snake it from ground access. It also allows the plumber to tell where the back up is. Whether it is under the home or out in the yard … Continued

Bad Odor In Bathroom May Need A Smoke Test .

Do you own a home and have a constant odor problem? If you have a bad smell in your home it can be caused by quite a few different plumbing scenarios. Its a good idea to go over the most common causes of bad odor and then if you still can’t confirm the source call an Apopka plumber for a smoke test. Hear are some of the most common plumbing problems that cause odor that you can check before you call a plumber we will start with the most common. 1. Dry p-trap if you have a particular bathroom or fixture you don’t use often the trap could have run dry causing sewer smell to enter your home. If you have a fixture or bathroom you don’t use often try running water in it for a few minutes to fill the p trap with water and see if the smell … Continued

Drain Cleaning Questions In Apopka

We do a lot of drain cleaning in Apopka and Central Florida. When customers call us most people really don’t understand what there problem is and why we do certain things. If you have a clogged drain then either you have flushed something down the drain that should not have been or you have a breached line. Those are the most common reasons for clogged drains. The next is having an improperly installed drain line. This can cause persistent clogs and be costly having an Apopka plumber out to clean your drains every few months. So when customers call we like to ask questions and many seem confused when we ask about there home and tell them we can clean the drain from the roof. Well we are going to try to clarify how we can clear it from the roof. Most every area in your home that has plumbing has … Continued

Apopka Does Your Home Have Polybutylene And If So Should You Repipe?

Do you own a home in Apopka or the Orlando area, you may have a ticking time bomb known as polybutylene. So what is polybutylene and what is wrong with the pipe? Polybutylene is a pipe that was manufactured from 1978-1995. It was relatively cheap and very easy to install. The problem with poly mostly was with the plastic fittings they would get very brittle and just snap and flood the home. In the early 2000’s there was a class action lawsuit that customers with poly where able to have there home repiped for free. Since then the money has ran out so if you have poly the replacement cost is up to you. The other problem with polybutylene is the pipe itself. Also the pipe is very thin and tends to split or burst causing floods. So how can you tell if you have polybutylene? Well it is as simple … Continued

Why Is It A Good Idea To Use Your Plumbing Fixtures

Why is it a good idea to use your plumbing fixtures? Just like anything if it is over used or under used it is not a good thing. If it is over used it will wear out or if it is not used it will cause parts to fail and break also. Plumbing fixtures have many parts and many of them tend to break down with no usage. The main plumbing fixture that usually break from no use is the toilet. The toilet has a seal between the tank and the bowl that can dry rot with no use. We recommend at least flushing your toilet once a week to keep this seal moist and not cause it to leak. The next plumbing fixture that needs to be used every so often is your shower especially if it is a newer style anti-scald type. If your newer shower valve goes … Continued

When Does My Garbage Disposal Need To Be Replaced ?

Most all homes have a garbage disposal and many of our customers misuse them and this can cause the disposal to fail at a much faster pace. So when is it time to replace your garbage disposal and how do you know if your Apopka plumber is just trying to sell you a new unit?  Well most of the time if the unit is just not spinning and making a humming noise this means the unit is jammed and can be repaired most of the time. The key is to call a plumbing company when this happens and not let it sit stuck for weeks if you let the disposal sit for a while the unit will seize up and could damage it to where you must replace it. If you notice a wet spot under your sink and look under your disposal and find water to drip from the … Continued