Clogged Drains This Time Of Year?

We are coming up on the holidays Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Around this time of year we get a lot of calls for clogged drains. Most of the issues we see is just over use of the drainage system and not being carful of what is going down the drains. People dump everything down the drain from pumpkin guts to grease. The holiday season is a stressful time! What can make it more stressful? clogged drains such as kitchen sinks or sewer lines can put a damper on your day. The best way to solve this problem is to be conscious of what goes down the drain. Once debris like grease and food go down the drain its best to call a Orlando plumber. Adding chemicals to try to clear the drain can make things worse damaging your pipes. The most common method of fixing a clogged drain is snaking. The … Continued

Redoing Kitchen Plumbing Make Sure You Check This

Kitchens and bathrooms are where people look first when buying a home. Spending money to renovate the kitchen or bathroom is money well spent. It also gives you the best return on investment. So whether you are just changing counter tops or changing cabinets and switching things up, it is always best to call an Orlando plumber to get the low down on what you can and can’t get away with. Time and time again we get customers that call up after and we go out to reconnect the kitchen and it does not work. The drain ends up being too high and you cannot hook up the waste for the kitchen sink; especially with a garbage disposal. How does this happen? Well, if the old sink is set above and is not very deep and you go back with a deeper sink or a under-mount sink, you lose depth. … Continued

Problems With Older Delta Tub And Shower Valves?

Do you have a leaking shower? A constant drip and want to try to do the repair yourself? There are so many different shower valve manufacturers and models out there it can be hard to track down the right repair parts for one. There are, however, a few shower valves that give our Orlando plumbers a headache. Lets deal with an older style Delta shower valve today. These valves have known problems so much so that their newer valves have been redesigned to help with the issues. So what is the issue with the older Delta tub and shower valves? Well, all things have to be maintained and eventually even the best plumbing products need to be serviced. The most common problem is that shower valves drip and need repair. This is where the problem starts with the older Delta shower valves. They have three little copper tubes in the back … Continued

Common Plumbing Leaks In Your Home.

Plumbing leaks can happen at any time. They can be hidden (under slab or in walls) or exposed (under sinks or exposed piping). Believe it or not the most common plumbing leaks are things you use everyday. Here are some of the most common plumbing leaks in order from most common the least common. Toilet leaks: Toilet leaks are probably the most common plumbing leak. Having a toilet leak can cause water bills to skyrocket. A leaking flapper can cause significant water waste. Other common areas that a toilet will leak is the supply line, fill valve, and wax ring. If you notice a high water bill, check your toilet first. Make sure the flapper is securely sealing the water between the tank and the toilet bowl. You can even try putting dye in the toilet tank and come back and check. The dye should not make it to the bowl. … Continued