Choose Drain Genie for Your Plumbing Needs

As much as we all hope it won’t happen to us, various plumbing issues and emergencies happen every day to everyone. Luckily, a quick Google search can show you all the available plumbers in your area. So out of all those options, why should you choose Drain Genie? Let us give you a few reasons why our customers keep coming back, and why they refer us to their friends.

Clogged Drains This Time Of Year?

We are coming up on the holidays Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Around this time of year we get a lot of calls for clogged drains. Most of the issues we see is just over use of the drainage system and not being carful of what is going down the drains. People dump everything down the drain from pumpkin guts to grease. The holiday season is a stressful time! What can make it more stressful? clogged drains such as kitchen sinks or sewer lines can put a damper on your day. The best way to solve this problem is to be conscious of what goes down the drain. Once debris like grease and food go down the drain its best to call a Orlando plumber. Adding chemicals to try to clear the drain can make things worse damaging your pipes. The most common method of fixing a clogged drain is snaking. The … Continued

Prevent Drain Cleaning During Halloween

How to prevent drain cleaning during Halloween? We are getting to that time of the year Halloween the holiday our kids love. This is a great time of the year to do crafts and enjoy quality time with our kids. From decorating the yard to candy to pumpkin picking and then carving the pumpkin. All these traditions your kids will remember for a lifetime and carry it on to there children. But one of these tradtions will cause a plumbing nightmare if you are not carful with disposal and thats pumpkin carving. Through out the year the end of October is one of the busiest times of the year for Orlando plumbers with drain cleaning. Most of the time it is preventable and caused by people not knowing any better. They plan a night to carve the pumpkin with there kids and remove the insides of the pumpkin and dump it … Continued

How To Install a Garbage Disposal?

Installing a garbage disposal can be a good weekend do it yourself project. Most people with some basic plumbing knowledge can handle this project. Here are some steps to make it a little easier for our customers to hopefully install there own disposal.Make sure electric breaker is turned off. It’s a good idea not to just turn the switch off but to actually turn the power off at the electric breaker panel. Sometimes if you just turn off the power switch electricity can still be going to unit. This can cause you to get shocked. It is best to be safe and turn off at breaker in your electric panel.   2.  Remove the piping from the disposal so you are able to remove it from the sink. Be careful that you do not loose these pieces. This will be needed to reinstall new disposal. As long as the pieces are … Continued

Is The Wrath Of Thanksgiving Dinner Causing Your Clogged Kitchen

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over your plumbing is probably breathing a sigh of relief. Having a clogged kitchen is a major problem in the Orlando area a week before and after Thanksgiving, along with the over-use of garbage disposals. We have been busy in the last couple of weeks with clogs and disposals. Most of it can be prevented with throwing abundant amounts of food and grease in the garbage instead of dumping it down the kitchen drain. Over-use is the most common cause of clogs and disposals failing, sometimes this is just due to the age of the unit or the age of the homes piping that causes these things to happen and is completely out of your control. Sometimes it is just people don’t know the correct way to dispose of food down the disposal. The best way is to turn hot water on first, turn on … Continued

How Much Should I Pay For A Garbage Disposal

So your cooking dinner and go to dispose of some waste in the garbage disposal to find out it is completely broken and not grinding food. Then you look in the cabinet and notice water dripping from the bottom of the disposal. This is a tell tail sign your garbage disposal is shot and needs to be replaced. So, how much should a garbage disposal cost? There are so many options and it can be quite confusing for the average homeowner, but here are some things to look for. Make sure your Orlando plumber uses at least a 1/2 horse power disposal. Anything less will not last and does not breakdown the food very well. Usually 1/2 horse power is plenty but if you are a avid cook and use the disposal a lot you might want to invest in a higher horse power. It may cost more in the short … Continued

Leaks Under A Kitchen Sink Things You Need To Know

Leaks under a kitchen sink: Things you need to know before you call your Lake Mary plumber. Plumbing leaks can be very frustrating, and leaks under your kitchen sink can be even more frustrating. Kitchen sinks can leak from multiple areas, which sometimes can be mistaken for a leaking drain pipe. Here are some things to look for to narrow down the cause of a leak so that you can tell your plumber so that he is able to give you a price range.Garbage disposal: A leaking disposal can sometimes be mistaken for a leaking P-trap. To determine if your disposal is bad, run water through the disposal side of the sink and turn it on. Check the bottom of the unit. If it drips through the bottom, the unit is shot and needs replacement.Faucet: Run the faucet while checking under the sink. If the water is coming from the … Continued

Can My Garbage Disposal Be Repaired If It Is Leaking?

The answer is it depends, but most likely if it is leaking the unit would need to be replaced. If you have a leaking garbage disposal it’s best to call a Local Orlando plumber to check it out because it could also be a leak from a seal around the sink or a gasket between the disposal and the sink. If the unit is 6 years or older it could very well be that you may need to replace it, because the garbage disposal housing is plastic and the plastic tends to get weak as it ages. Then, when you try to grind waste it will crack the housing, causing it to leak in your cabinet. In this situation, the unit will need to be replaced. Garbage disposals can leak from anywhere, but usually if it is leaking underneath it will need replacement. When replacing the unit, it’s best to … Continued

How Can You Get Your Garbage Disposal To Last Longer.

Garbage disposals are used all the time, sometimes over used, and this can cause them to break down prematurely. So what is the proper way to use a disposal and what can you do to maintain the unit so it lasts a long time. Watch what goes down the disposal. Many people use disposals for everything wrong. They are only meant for minimal food waste; heavy use such as meat, veggies, etc. will cut down the life of your disposal. Keep it clean, and every once in a while dump some ice into the unit, turn the water on, and run it. This will keep the unit clean and prevent premature rusting out of the unit. Under use, believe it or not, is no good either if you do not use your unit for a long time. It will actually cause the drain to clog and run slow. Also, it … Continued

Garbage Disposal Replacement When Is The Right Time?

Garbage disposal replacement when is the right time? We use disposals for a lot of things sometimes we over use them or incorrectly use them causing them to fail quickly and also clog the kitchen drain line. So when can a garbage disposal be repaired by your Orlando plumber and when does it have to be replaced. Most of the time if the disposal gets jammed and starts to hum it can usually be unjammed. It is usually easy fix, sometimes you have to remove the disposal to retrieve the debris from there. If the disposal is turned on while it is jammed for a long time it will trip the safety device at the bottom this is to prevent the motor from over heating. So replacement of the disposal is a must if the unit is leaking from the base there is no repair for this case and the … Continued