Installing New Faucets Most Expensive Is Not Always The Best

When installing new faucets, the most expensive is not always the best. Most people think buying an expensive faucet must be good, but that is not always the case. The problem with expensive faucets is the fact that when they need to be repaired, the parts sometimes are hard to find and can take time to get to in order to repair the faucet or shower faucet. This is sometimes not good if the faucet is leaking pretty badly and needs to be repaired quickly. Cheap faucets also are not always good either for the same reasons, and the quality of the valve or faucet can be poor and need to be replaced instead of repairing the faucet because of the low quality. The best faucet to pick when having your Oviedo plumber install is a well known name such as Moen, Delta or Kohler. All these name brands are … Continued

Leaks Under A Kitchen Sink Things You Need To Know

Leaks under a kitchen sink: Things you need to know before you call your Lake Mary plumber. Plumbing leaks can be very frustrating, and leaks under your kitchen sink can be even more frustrating. Kitchen sinks can leak from multiple areas, which sometimes can be mistaken for a leaking drain pipe. Here are some things to look for to narrow down the cause of a leak so that you can tell your plumber so that he is able to give you a price range.Garbage disposal: A leaking disposal can sometimes be mistaken for a leaking P-trap. To determine if your disposal is bad, run water through the disposal side of the sink and turn it on. Check the bottom of the unit. If it drips through the bottom, the unit is shot and needs replacement.Faucet: Run the faucet while checking under the sink. If the water is coming from the … Continued

What You Need To Tell Your Plumber To Repair A Faucet.

What do you need to tell your plumber to help repair your faucet easier? So, you have a few faucets that are dripping, no big deal right? Well, it can be depending on the age of the faucet and what kind it is, such as kitchen a faucet, bathroom sink faucet, shower faucet, or outside hose spigot. All of these things make a difference in cost, labor, and parts. For example, a shower cartridge costs more then a faucet cartridge. Also, many customers think a hose spigot is just replacing a washer, but not always. Most of the time the hose spigot needs to be replaced. Another important thing that you need to know to tell your Orlando plumber is what name brand the faucet is. Each brand has a different cartridge or repair parts. For example, is it a Moen, Delta, or Kohler. This is a big thing to … Continued

Update Your Plumbing Fixtures To Improve The Look Of Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the look of your bathrooms and kitchens. There are ways to improve the look of your homes plumbing without breaking the bank. The easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish this is by updating your fixtures. Nothing does more to give a fresh look than an updated kitchen sink and faucet or replacing the sinks and faucets in your bathroom. Also, replacing your shower valves will aesthetically enhance your bathroom as well. Another thing to consider; replacing your toilet adds a fresh look and it also saves water and money. Newer plumbing fixtures are engineered to require less water. This is both environmentally and fiscally responsible. If you are on a very tight budget, you can replace the shower valve trim instead of changing the whole shower valve. This is much less labor intensive … Continued

Replacing Laundry Valves In Orlando FL ?

Are you in the process of purchasing a new washer?  Well before you have it delivered check the laundry valves and make sure they are working properly. If not call an Orlando plumber to replace them before you get your new washer. So if you check the laundry valves and they are not good, how does a plumber replace them? Well many people think it is just a matter of screwing the old ones off and putting the new ones in but thats not how it usually works. When replacing laundry valves most of the time the plumber will have to cut a small hole under the laundry box to remove the old laundry valves and to access the pipes underneath the old valves are secured to the box with a retainer nut and this can only be accessed from under the box. When replacing laundry valves it is a good … Continued

Know What Kind Of Faucet You Have To Make Your Lake Mary Plumbers Life Easier

There are many components to your plumbing system and many things that can fail and need to be repaired by your local plumber.  If you need a faucet repair whether it is a sink faucet or shower faucet. There is one thing that can help your Lake Mary plumber and that is to know what kind of valve it is. For example, see if its a is it a Moen or Delta. There are so many different manufactures of faucets and different parts the plumber needs to know the kind of valve it is before they get out there because it is hard for a plumbing contractor to have every different faucet repair part on their truck. Most plumbing companies will carry the popular faucet repair parts on there truck like Moen or Delta. So knowing the valve manufacture will save your plumber time in return saving you money. So what … Continued

Top Faucets To Purchase For Years Of Problem Free Use.

There are many faucets to choose from in Apopka Florida but choosing a quality faucet is key to years of problem free plumbing issues with your faucet. The big box stores have many brands of faucets that are good and some are bad. The most expensive faucet is not always the best. Sometimes that is far from the truth. Some of the expensive brands use many parts which makes the cost to repair the faucet in the future more expensive and most Apopka plumbers don’t carry the part on their van. The cheapest faucets are constructed of poor quality and tend not to last long at all. We at Drain Genie Plumbing believe the top two faucets are Moen and Delta. They are mid-priced and have lifetime warranties. Most of your Apopka plumbing contractors stock these brands on their truck and have the parts to repair them. They are of very good quality and fairly easy to install compared to other brands. They … Continued

Do You Have A Leaking Outside Hose Spigot In Your Lake Mary Home

If you have a leaking plumbing fixture such as a hose spigot in Lake Mary FL there are a few things you could do to fix the problem.  The first is to tighten the packing nut located just below the handle. Sometimes when a valve is not used for a very long time and then you try to use, it will leak from the packing nut and this is just a simple plumbing repair. Another kind of leak is if it comes out of the hose spigot and doesn’t shut off all the way. Sometimes you can have your Lake Mary plumber rebuild the spigot and other times if the valve is too old, you may need to replace it. We at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest hiring a plumber to replace or rebuild the spigot.  Most of the time you need to chip the block wall to access the pipe. A good plumber will patch the hole with a fast setting cement when he is done installing the new hose spigot. The next … Continued

Fixing A Drippy Faucet Is Not Always Just Replacing A Washer.

Have you ever had a drippy faucet in your Winter Park Florida home? There are many reasons for a drippy faucet. Many Winter Park homeowners think a drippy faucet is a simple fix by just replacing a washer right? Well that’s wrong and while some faucets are just washers and seats, most of the newer faucets consist of a cartridge. Over time cartridges either wear down or they get build up of hard water deposits causing your faucet to drip. When fixing this problem it is necessary for you to research and tell your Winter Park plumber what type of faucet it is. The plumber must know the make and model of the faucet in order to install the right cartridge. If you don’t know the make and model all you need to do is snap a picture with your phone and text it to your plumber (if the plumber can receive text). By doing … Continued

Kitchen Sink Leaks In Your Home What To Look For

  Having  kitchen sink leaks can be hard to detect there are so many components under your sink that can leak that it is often hard to pinpoint a plumbing leak under a sink unless you are a professional Orlando plumber. Here are some of the most common things that leak under your kitchen sink:                                                                                     1: Basket Strainer      Water leaks under your  kitchen sink are often caused by worn out plumbing parts such as basket strainer, or a poorly installed basket strainer. If the basket strainer was poorly installed by a plumber it usually will have to be replaced.                           … Continued