Choose Drain Genie for Your Plumbing Needs

As much as we all hope it won’t happen to us, various plumbing issues and emergencies happen every day to everyone. Luckily, a quick Google search can show you all the available plumbers in your area. So out of all those options, why should you choose Drain Genie? Let us give you a few reasons why our customers keep coming back, and why they refer us to their friends.

Adding A Bathroom? Common Misconceptions About The Plumbing

Are you adding a bathroom? When going through the process of adding a bathroom most people tend to think where is the existing plumbing? How far your existing plumbing is from new bathroom will definitely affect the bottom line as far as price. But what are some very important things to be aware of before calling a Orlando plumbing company. Drain location   Drain location is very important. If the drain is to far from the new bathroom it may not have enough fall to reach existing drain. For example if your existing drain is a few inches under the slab and the new bathroom location is twenty feet away this will not work. The reason why is you need at least 1/8″-1/4″ per foot of fall depending on size of pipe to allow gravity to work on waste water. Drain Size  Many of our customers think if they have a drain in … Continued

Weird Bathroom Facts

We as Orlando plumbers have seen a lot doing service work. Here are some weird bathroom facts you may not know. We use the bathroom a lot. The average person spends roughly 3 years of there life on the toilet. Most people use the bathroom six to 8 times a day. Which is about 2500 times a year. That sure is a lot! So make sure that your taking care of your plumbing and flushing only toilet paper down the drain. Not doing so can lead to having unwanted clogs.Did you know that 75% of people use a mobile device while going to the bathroom. That includes texting. Yuck can’t people wait till they are done! This also includes shopping, talking or just surfing the web. I hope people wash there hands.There are so many people on there phones in the bathroom. Did you know over 7 million people drop there … Continued

Common Causes For Clogged Drains

There are many things that cause clogged drains; from tree roots to sewer line breaks. But here are some common things that should absolutely not be flushed down the drain that can cause major plumbing issues and damage to your plumbing system. Many cat owners don’t know the repercussions for flushing cat litter down the toilet. This is absolutely one of the worst things you can put down your toilet. Flushing cat litter will not only clog your drain, it will make cleaning the drain much harder for your Orlando plumber. When cat litter is flushed, it will clump up in the drain and dissolve. Then it will harden leaving a hard build-up, like concrete. This is very difficult to clean and can usually only be completely removed by hydro-jetting, which can be very expensive. If you have a cat do not flush cat litter down the drain, it is … Continued

Update Your Plumbing Fixtures To Improve The Look Of Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the look of your bathrooms and kitchens. There are ways to improve the look of your homes plumbing without breaking the bank. The easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish this is by updating your fixtures. Nothing does more to give a fresh look than an updated kitchen sink and faucet or replacing the sinks and faucets in your bathroom. Also, replacing your shower valves will aesthetically enhance your bathroom as well. Another thing to consider; replacing your toilet adds a fresh look and it also saves water and money. Newer plumbing fixtures are engineered to require less water. This is both environmentally and fiscally responsible. If you are on a very tight budget, you can replace the shower valve trim instead of changing the whole shower valve. This is much less labor intensive … Continued

Bathtub Replacement In Orlando FL

Do you want to replace your bathtub? Bathtub replacement in Orlando should be left up to a professional Orlando plumber. There is a process in removing a tub and it all depends on what kind of old tub you have on the removal process. If you own an older home chances are it is cast iron a cast iron tub is best removed by breaking it in half with a sledge hammer because of the weight of the tub its easier this way. One piece fiber glass tub must be cut into pieces to remove it because it is too large to remove from the bathroom usually the fiber glass one piece units are installed when the home is built new before the walls are put in so removing it in one piece is impossible. A steel tub is the easiest to remove. It is lightweight and can usually come … Continued

Orlando Tub And Shower Problems….

Tub and showers are very complex in your home. There are possibilities of plumbing leaks at several places. Our Orlando plumbers will locate the leak and then make the necessary plumbing repairs. Locating a plumbing leak is sometimes easy. Other times it can be difficult, depending on the construction of your Orlando home. Repairing the plumbing leak usually will require replacing parts or plumbing fixtures such as: Tub spout, waste & overflow, tub drain, tub spout, shower arm, or shower head. The plumbers at Drain Genie Services can handle all of these plumbing repairs 24/7.     Why Tub Doesn’t Hold Water The trip lever tub drains with plungers or pop ups they tend to collect debris and are difficult to maintain and adjust. They are prone to leak. The best way to solve this plumbing problem is to have a plumber replace it with a Lift and Turn assembly. This type of unit is plumbing maintenance free and never needs adjusting. If you have any plumbing repairs in Orlando Fl … Continued

Repairing A Shower Valve In Sanford FL?

In Sanford Fl our plumbers come across many plumbing issues one of them are when your house in Sanford Fl happens to sit for a while such as if it was just bought and sat for over 6 months or if you have a bathroom that is not used too often and the shower valves are of a single control type such as Moen, Kohler or Delta they have balancing pins in them and when they sit they get stuck in that position and you get very little or no water pressure in your Sanford FL shower this means that the cartridge needs to be replaced. Our Sanford plumbers can help you.  You can find do-it-yourself videos online and try doing the plumbing repair yourself. They make it look very easy sometimes, it is other times it is difficult and you need to be careful not to break the plumbing in the wall. We suggest calling a plumber to do this because there is a lot of variables that can turn … Continued

Want To Add A Bathroom But Can’t Hear Is One Good Option..

Have you ever wanted to put in an extra bathroom in your Orlando Florida home? Sometimes it is difficult to add a bathroom because you may not have enough fall for your drain lines or you may not want to cut your floor open. The Liberty pumps makes a Macerating toilet that can be installed anywhere. It is high efficiency at 1.28 gallons per flush and it has a panel in the back of the toilet to access the pump without having to remove the toilet. It also has a built-in alarm with Led touch pad. This toilet will open up many options in your Orlando home and you will be able to put a bathroom in spots that you may not have been able to do in the past. The plumbing technology is great and has definitely come a long way. If you want to install a bathroom in your house call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230. We also … Continued

Have You Considered A Remodel Of Your Kitchen Or Bathroom In Orlando

Have you considered a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom in Orlando? Here are some tips on what you should do to make sure your remodel process goes smooth. First you need to decide if you are going to move any of the plumbing fixtures and plan where you want to place it.  It’s good to call your local plumber and confirm if it’s possible to reposition the plumbing fixtures. You should try to stay within your budget as much as possible. Some people think it is just a simple job when moving the sink 6 ft to the left or right but actually it’s not that easy at all times. Especially when moving the plumbing drain lines there are a lot of factors in the price such as how thick is the concrete or is the drain line too shallow. Another thing to check is if the drain has pitch, the further you move the drain … Continued