Installing a Dishwasher in Oviedo FL

Every day you come home from work you cook dinner for the family and put the dishes in the dishwasher. With the advancement in technology we have become dependent on many things that used to be luxury so when your dishwasher breaks down and you have to manually wash dishes its noticed how much you miss what was once luxury. Many of or customers tend to purchase dishwashers from there local big box stores that tend to hire contractors to install units cheaper than most Oviedo plumbers. This is because of the volume of work that is given to the plumbing contractor. They are able to lower their prices. Sounds good right? But there is a catch, if your house has polybutylene or any other type of older plumbing, the contractor is not allowed to install the unit per big box stores policies for insurance reasons. This will leave you with … Continued

What Should I Do Repair Or Replace My Toilet ?

What should i do repair or replace my toilet? We get this question a lot there are many factors on whether it is better to repair or replace your toilet. The standard toilets main components are located inside the tank this consists of the fill valve, flush valve, flapper, tank to bowl bolts and gasket the rest of the toilet is made of porcelain. So when should you repair? Well if you have a toilet that is flushing well but is leaking or leaking from the tank into the bowl this is a repairable item. A lot of customers feel that for the cost of a repair they should just replace the toilet. This is not the case a minor repair may cost $145 and a new toilet may cost $140 and up and then you have the cost of the install. All of this can add up and if … Continued

Oviedo Plumbing Tips : Main Water Shutoff

Have you ever had a plumbing emergency and could not shut off your water to your Oviedo Florida home. One of the best things you can do as an Oviedo homeowner is know were your emergency plumbing valve is. You should locate it and also know if it works Just because you have found it does not mean it works. Once you find it you should then shut it off and walk into your home and open a faucet. It might take a minute until the pressure goes down. If you open a faucet and the faucet water does not stop, the valve needs to be replaced and you should call an Oviedo plumber to replace your main water shutoff.. Once you install the main shut-off valve you now can shut down your water in case of an plumbing emergency. This is key because if you do not have it or your valve does not work … Continued

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Toilet

Is your Oviedo Florida toilet not flushing good or getting clogged often? Have you had your Oviedo plumber rebuild your toilets and it still does not flush good? It may be time for you to replace your toilet. Over time hard water deposits form in the toilets port holes and if these holes are clogged the toilet will not flush properly and the only way to fix it is to install a new toilet. Some DIY homeowners will try to do it themselves. We at Drain Genie Plumbing recommend doing it yourself if your are 100% sure that you can do it. Do not attempt to do it if you have doubt. Although setting a new toilet is not that difficult of a job. Sometimes even for plumbers it turns out to be more difficult than they thought.  But without the proper experience a homeowner can make things worse. If it is more difficult they don’t know what to do and … Continued

Problems With Old Plumbing Systems.

Longwood has a mix of historic and new homes each has its own different plumbing issues. The older the home the more likely you will have plumbing issues. The main problem our Longwood plumbers see is water leaks and sewer clogs in older homes. Most of the older Longwood homes are piped in copper or poly. These pipes are known for leaking. Copper pipe gets pin holes and theses holes can pop up in walls or under concrete slabs and are caused by poor water quality and thin wall type m copper. When you have copper pipe you will eventually need to re pipe your home. Some of the homes are piped with polybutylene pipe and this pipe is known to burst and flood homes. This pipe has been recalled because of the problems that occur with this pipe. The sewer lines are usually terracotta or orangeburg and with these … Continued

Clogged Kitchen Sink … Proper Plunging

Have you ever had a clogged kitchen sink in your Oviedo home? It can be rather bothersome did you know some minor clogs can be cleared by proper plunging. If it has a double compartment sink the best way to plunge the sink is to use two plungers or cover one side of the sink drain, this will create the suction needed to clear a minor clog in your kitchen. If you don’t cover the other drain this will allow air to get into the line therefore losing the suction. If you try this method and it does not work then the clog is more than likely deep in the kitchen line and then you would need to call an Oviedo plumber to preform a  drain cleaning service with a snake.   If you use a drain cleaner please don’t use any chemical based drain cleaner. It is recommended to use a natural enzyme … Continued

What Is That Bubbling Sound Coming Out Of My Drain.

What is that sound coming out of my drains is that normal? Many Orlando homeowners have asked this question and n know it is not normal. When you hear this bubbling noise that means that our main drain line is more than likely clogged and is starting to back up. It will only be a matter of time before it turns into a plumbing emergency and you will more than likely have to call an Orlando plumber to unclog your drain. What happens when you start to hear this sound? Is the drain line clogged or partially clogged and is it filling up with sewage as you’re  hearing bubbles because as the pipe is filling the air is having to escape. Sometimes if you have a two story house it can be so forceful that it will blow all the water out of the downstairs toilet. When you hear this noise … Continued

Kitchen Sink Leaks In Your Home What To Look For

  Having  kitchen sink leaks can be hard to detect there are so many components under your sink that can leak that it is often hard to pinpoint a plumbing leak under a sink unless you are a professional Orlando plumber. Here are some of the most common things that leak under your kitchen sink:                                                                                     1: Basket Strainer      Water leaks under your  kitchen sink are often caused by worn out plumbing parts such as basket strainer, or a poorly installed basket strainer. If the basket strainer was poorly installed by a plumber it usually will have to be replaced.                           … Continued

8 Kitchen Fixtures That Can Leak

Kitchen plumbing leaks can be very hard to detect and very frustrating for a homeowner to detect. It is often better left up to your Oviedo plumber to find and fix. There are so many components under a kitchen sink and many of our customers tend to think the plumbing leaks under the sink is just a trap nut that’s loose, which sometimes this is true but for the most part this is not. The following is a list of some things that can leak under your sink:

Why Is My Toilet Flushing Poorly?

We had many Oviedo customers asking why is my toilet flushing poorly? There can be a few reasons for a toilet to flush poorly. The obvious is a clogged toilet or main line but there are other reasons also. There can’t be nothing more annoying and embarrassing than a poorly flushing toilet. You flush and then round and round the water goes and then slowly the water goes down leaving the solids.