Why Do I Always Have Problems With My Toilet?

Why do I always have problems with my toilet? Toilets can be an Orlando plumbers biggest nightmare. There are so many different varieties, which means different parts, and if you don’t use the right parts for the right job it will cause issues. On top of that, Orlando Florida has the worst water; very high in chlorine and hard water deposits. One of the biggest things we see our customers doing that prematurely causes there toilets to fail is putting hash chemical products in the back tank to help keep their toilet clean. This causes very big problems for the inside workings of the toilet. Why is that you ask? Well, the products main ingredient is chlorine, which prematurely breaks down the gaskets and plastic pieces in your toilet and wears out your toilet flapper quicker than normal which causes it to warp, allowing water to start leaking by, causing you … Continued

Trying To Save Money Try Some Of These Water Saving Tips

Everyone is looking to save money on certain household bills. You can try some things to lower your water consumption, which will not only help save you money on your bill, but it will help save the environment. Not only will it save on much needed fresh water, it also cuts down on waste water and its affect on the environment. Here are somethings you can do to save. We will start with minor things that you can do, and then things you may have to hire a Orlando plumber to do. Here are some water saving tips. Try shutting water off while brushing teeth, shaving, or washing dishes. This alone can save thousands of gallons of water throughout the year.Change aerators in sinks to low flow aerators. This can also save a lot of water over the year.Check for minor leaks. A warped flapper can cost big on your water … Continued

Longwood Plumbing Question : Do You Have A Leak At Your Water Meter

It is a good idea to know where your water meter is and keep it clear of debris like grass and other things. It is also a good idea to check it periodically for moisture. The most common leak at your water meter is at the joint where your PVC pipe and the city meter tie together. This is usually installed with a plastic male or female threads and is the weakest point on your pipe. The most common scenario is the customer does not even know where their water meter is and runs it over snapping the adaptor in the ground. The next common thing is roots snap the water main at the meter and the city of Longwood FL shuts your water off and you come home to no water and there is a yellow note paper on the door saying you have a leak and to call … Continued

Why Installing a Clean-Out In Your Home Is Important.

What are clean-outs and why do you need them in your Longwood Florida home? If you have a home in Longwood and have ever had your plumbing back up then you know what a clean out is. If not then a clean-out is usually located on your house about 3 feet off the house wall. It usually gets covered up from mulch or shrubs. If you look at the street and you are on city sewer then where ever your water comes in, the sewer is usually on the opposite side of the house and is usually located close to the largest roof vent for your plumbing system. It is important to find this clean-out because it is a lot cheaper. Have your drain cleared from a clean-out apposed to from your toilet. If your house is in Winter Springs or in an older Longwood Florida area there may not be a clean-out and we at Drain Genie Plumbing Services … Continued

Plumbing Questions Longwood : City Sewer Or Septic

We get a lot of drain cleaning calls in Longwood Fl and most of the time the customers do not know if they are on city sewer or septic. This is not good because if you are on septic it should be pumped out every two to three years and if you do not know if you are on city or septic chances are you never had it pumped and cleaned out. Some of the ways you can tell if you are on city sewer is looking at your Longwood Fl water bill. If you are on septic you will be charged for water only, no sewer charges will be on the bill. Another good way to tell if you are on city sewer or septic is to look in your street. If you see manholes in the road or in the grass that say sanitary on it then you are on city sewer. Your Longwood plumber needs to know this because … Continued

Great Way To Prevent A Flood In Your Longwood Home.

Have you ever left on vacation and come home to a flood, a broken supply line that caused thousands in damage. There are products that can help save you thousands that protect you from floods. When you go away on vacation you should always shut down the water to your plumbing system, to avoid water damage. A lot of people forget or maybe they are going only to work and will be back at their Longwood FL home in a few hours. Floods can happen at anytime and they are easy to prevent. There is  a product called floodstop which is a whole house shutoff system. This is a valve installed by a Longwood plumber in the main water supply on your domestic water on your plumbing system. It is wireless and you then have 4 wireless sensors that you put under your sink, water heater, or anywhere there might be a plumbing leak. You can add sensors if you have more plumbing … Continued

Running Toilet Causes In your Orlando Home…

Do you have a toilet or toilets that run constantly into the bowl in your Orlando Florida home? It is actually a common problem and usually fairly easy to fix if you have this problem. It is usually one of three things and we at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest checking them out before calling your Orlando Plumber to fix the issue. The first and most common issue is the flapper. You should observe and inspect it. It should be flat if it is curved and should be replaced. The next issue is the fill valve is adjusted too high and is overfilling and running down the overflow tube. If this is the case you will need to have your plumber or someone adjust the water level. The last thing is more complicated and the plumbing repair for an Orlando homeowner to repair is the bad flush valve. This is the part in the toilet that the flapper sits on and is … Continued

Finding a Good Plumbing Company..

There are many plumbing companies in Orlando FL and how do you know who to choose from. First start with referrals from friends and neighbors and if they have had good experience with a certain plumbing company that is a good sign.If you don’t know anyone who knows a good Orlando plumbing company try the BBB and check out different plumbing companies and their ratings.You can also checkout the Internet for good reviews but be careful some Orlando plumbing companies will post fake reviews.   So once you find a plumber call the company and ask questions and feel the plumber out. If they answer your questions with certainty, that is a good sign or if they rush you off the phone then call another company until you find a plumbing company you feel comfortable with allowing in your home.   Once you book your plumbing repair and the plumber comes to your home, watch him ask … Continued

Thinking On Installing A Water Saver Toilet

Everything is getting more expensive nowadays and that includes your water. We at Drain Genie Plumbing have found a way to save on your Orlando water bill and also save on our environment. Our fresh water levels are diminishing every year and here is one why we can save our earth and our pockets. American Standard makes a dual flushing water saver toilet and this is great because we in America waste a lot of water in our toilets.      How this new toilet system works is there are two buttons, one to flush liquid waste and one to flush solid waste. When you need to flush liquid waste you press the button on the toilet for liquid waste and it flushes less water. If you have solid waste press the other button and more water is flushed. This is a great option to save water and unlike the new toilets in Orlando that now flush 1.23 … Continued

Problems With Old Plumbing Systems.

Longwood has a mix of historic and new homes each has its own different plumbing issues. The older the home the more likely you will have plumbing issues. The main problem our Longwood plumbers see is water leaks and sewer clogs in older homes. Most of the older Longwood homes are piped in copper or poly. These pipes are known for leaking. Copper pipe gets pin holes and theses holes can pop up in walls or under concrete slabs and are caused by poor water quality and thin wall type m copper. When you have copper pipe you will eventually need to re pipe your home. Some of the homes are piped with polybutylene pipe and this pipe is known to burst and flood homes. This pipe has been recalled because of the problems that occur with this pipe. The sewer lines are usually terracotta or orangeburg and with these … Continued