Are You Seeing Water? Maybe A Leak Under The Slab

Seeing water? It may be a leak under the slab. If you are in a home that was built in the early 90’s, chances are your home is piped with copper. Copper is a reliable pipe but has major issues, it comes in a few different thicknessesM Type: is the thinnest and is what is used in a lot of homes in the Orlando FL and surrounding neighborhoods. This is the worst pipe to have. It gets pinholes fairly easy and just does not last.L Type: is mid grade. This is mostly used up north and in commercial properties in the Orlando area. This pipe usually lasts a little bit longer. Most plumbing companies don’t use it because it is a lot more expensive.K Type: Is the thickest and is usually only used underground. It is very expensive but is a really heavy pipe.All three of these pipes have issues … Continued

How To Know If You Need To Make A Sewer Line Repair.

How to know if you need a sewer line repair in your Orlando home. Having a sewer or drain line issue can be a frustrating experience, usually the problem happens at the worst times, such as at night or on the weekends. So how do you know if your clogged drain is just that or something that requires more work and a actual sewer line repair. Well, it really depends on a few things. First, the expertise of the Orlando plumber when he is snaking the line out. Does he feel spots in the piping that are catching and hard to get through? If so there may be issues in your sewer line. Also, what he pulls out of the drain line will tell you if you are in need of a repair or if it was just a clog. For example, if he pulls out a big wad of … Continued

Why Is it Important to Let Your Plumber Know If You Are On City Or Septic?

Why is it important to let your plumber know if you are on city or septic in the event of a clog? In the event that your drains back up, it is very important to know if you are on city sewer. Most people think that for a clogged drain they can call the plumber and they can fix it. This is true, but most plumbers do not work on septic systems. This is another trade in itself. While most competent plumbers do know the workings of septic tanks, they do not have the means to pump them out. In order to pump them out you need a tanker truck and a CDL license to operate. A filled septic tank will show the same signs as a clogged drain, and can often be mistaken. If you have a clogged drain, the first thing to do is look at your water … Continued

Deltona Sewer Clog Is It Your Septic Tank Or A Clog

Deltona sewer clog. Is it your septic tank or a clog in your drain? So you start taking a shower and hear your toilets bubbling and all of a sudden your shower starts filling up with raw sewage before you can get out of the shower. The laundry you just put in starts draining sending raw sewage all through the house. We hear this situation all the time. So is it a clog or your septic tank? If you live in Deltona 80% of the homes are on septic system, so if you have a back up is it your tank or a clog. Here are some things that can help you figure out if it is a septic. If you have a cleanout open it and if there is water holding chances are it could be your tank. Also how long has it been since your tank was pumped? If … Continued

Drain Cleaning Advise..

We have had quite a few customers in the last few weeks in the Deltona and Oviedo areas that were sure they were on city sewer and when in fact they were not. Some drain cleaning advise is it is very important that if you are not 100% sure if you are on city to let your Deltona plumber know you are unsure. Don’t assume because it can cause more problems and money spent in plumbing repairs. If you tell the plumber that you are on city and they run their sewer cable into the septic tank it will get tangled in the tank and cause more time and cost. They will have to find the tank lids and that can take quite a while depending your yard layout. If you are unsure tell your plumber that most plumbing companies can help you figure out whether you are on a septic … Continued

Leaking Bathroom Sink May Be Poor Quality Steel Sink.

We get quite a few customers that have leaking water show up under the sink and think it is the faucet or p-trap. Many don’t think that it can be the actual sink well if it is a steel sink the chances are very good that you have a leaking bathroom sink. In new construction homes the builder tries to cut costs with everything if he can save a few dollars hear and there it can save him thousands in a housing development. So to cut costs many builders will install steel sinks. The problem with these sinks is not the sinks themselves but the construction of them the overflow which is the little hole on the back of the sink that takes the water if it is being overfilled to prevent overflowing is held together underneath with just silicone caulk over the years or even months it can separate … Continued

When Is It Time To Replace Your Shower Valve

In your Deltona FL home you may need to replace your shower valve when is that time? The first and easiest is if you just want to update your fixtures. But what if you don’t want too update, you just have a leaking valve and want to fix the cheapest way this is how you decide. How old is the plumbing valve? If it is to old sometimes plumbing parts are hard to find, by the time the Deltona plumber finds the part and gets back to install it the price would not be worth it. If it is fairly new such as Moen,Delta or any single control your plumber should be able to repair the valve. To replace the shower valve the plumber will have to make access our plumbers usually try to cut behind the plumbing valve. This makes it easier to repair the wall. If the plumber has to go from the front and remove tile then they should use a Smitty plate. The Smitty plate is … Continued

Fix Your Plumbing Leaks While They Are Small Problems…

We have all had a plumbing leak in our Orlando Florida homes but sometimes people don’t realize these plumbing leaks usually start small. Lets start with a faucet leak. We come across many customers that have a small leak on their shower faucet and let it go for months. What happen is the leak will cause all the chrome and screws to get hard water build up on them sometimes causing your Orlando plumber to not be able to get the faucet apart to rebuild it and then a simple faucet rebuild turns into a more expensive shower valve replacement. Also, some of our customers will notice a discolor around the shower and wait months to call a plumber this is bad because a small plumbing leak can add up to a lot of water over time causing major mold and water damage. This is why at the first sign of a leak it is really … Continued

What Are Some Differences Between Commercial Plumbing And Residential Plumbing?

In commercial plumbing and residential plumbing there are many differences in Orlando Florida and one way it differs is drain cleaning. Most Orlando commercial properties whether it is a strip mall or a doctors office, there is usually a urinal or two in the men’s bathroom. Some Orlando plumbers will cheat when they get a call for a clogged urinal and dump cleaner in the urinal. This process does work sometimes but does not work or last that long. At Drain Genie Plumbing Services our plumbers will pull the urinal off the wall, take it out side and soak it in a special calcium dissolver while it is soaking. Then we  run a snake through the 2 inch urinal drain and then reset the urinal and test the plumbing fixture. This process is the best and really the only way to do drain cleaning on a urinal. It does take time but … Continued

Buying A New Home? Save Money In The Long Run Do A Plumbing Inspection

Houses are starting to sell again and it is very important to follow somethings to prevent you from spending a lot of money on plumbing repairs in your Orlando home. When you look at a home and if you are somewhat mechanically incline you can see the obvious signs of trouble such as water stains under a bathroom sink or water damage around a shower pan. Most people when they are very interested in buying a home they will hire a home inspector which is a good thing but it is really hard for someone to know about every trade. We at Drain Genie Plumbing services suggest that you hire a local Orlando plumber to do a plumbing inspection. But when you hire a Orlando plumbing company to inspect, the plumber can only see the obvious.   If you are very interested in a house in Orlando Florida and if you are positive on buying the … Continued