Top Three Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Garbage Disposals

Many of our Apopka customers get confused on what they can or cannot put down their disposals. Many people also think their garbage disposals are trash compactors and put everything down they can down the drain. This is a good recipe to having a clogged kitchen drain and having to call an Apopka plumber to snake out the line. So we at Drain Genie Plumbing Services are going to tell you the top 3 things not to put down your garbage disposal in chronological order. Grease:   While grease is liquid when it is hot, it will then cool and turn into a thick waxy substance which will over time build up in the pipe and hardens like a rock. If you add drain cleaners to the line this can make things even worse. So grease is the number 1 thing not to put down the drain. Stringy Veggies:   Stringy veggies can reek havoc … Continued

How to Fix a Drippy Shower Faucet

Do you have a drippy shower faucet? Many customers think that changing the shower head or tub spout will fix this problem but this is not the case the shower head and tub spout do not seal the water from your tap. The place that stops the water from dripping is in the valve of the shower where the handle is on newer valves it is a cartridge assembly. When this fails your tub will drip and if it its only a shower it will drip from the shower head. On older homes it is usually a bad seat or washer or both. Sometimes the stem will need replacement. If you have an old three handle tub/shower valve it is best to replace the whole valve.

The Problems of a Leaking Hose Spigot

A leaking hose spigot can be very aggravating because it causes high water bills and stains on the outside of your home. Many customers feel its just a washer or they think it will just unscrew and the Apopka plumber just has to screw it back on, but this is far from the truth. While sometimes hose bibs or spigots can leak from the packing and this usually only requires tightening down the packing nut, most times a leaking hose spigot is not just changing washers.

Call a Plumber to Fix Your Clogged Bathroom Sink

A clogged bathroom sink can be quite annoying while brushing your teeth and having the water back up while shaving is a bad experience. What is the cause, well most cases is hair build up in the drainline and when this happens it is most likely not in the p-trap but either in the pop up assembly or deep in the drain and will need the assistance of an Apopka plumber. Most of the time it is as simple as taking the assembly apart but the problem is if you don’t know how to dismantle it or if it is old you may create leak and cause a bigger problem so it is better left up to a plumber.

Common Plumbing Issues for Apopka Homeowners

There are a few reasons why you would not have any water in your Apopka home but we will go over the main reason that we have seen that Apopka homeowners have been experiencing. We have been getting many calls from customers either having no water or very little pressure in there homes. Most of the calls have one common denominator and that is the customer either shut the water off to there home to work on a do it yourself plumbing repair or someone else shut it off. What happens is that when they shut the water off they crank down on the valve and over tighten it. This happens with gate valves quite often and that is why we dont install them. When over tightening them they break the steam that is attached to the gate and the disc drops down not allowing water through. How can you … Continued

Toilet Repair In Apopka

A toilet repair in Apopka can sometimes be very frustrating. Many people think a toilet repair is easy and attempt to fix it them selves but that is far from the truth even for a seasoned Apopka plumber. Toilet repairs can be tricky and you have to be patient and test the plumbing repair to make sure that the toilet problem is actually fixed. There are so many different toilets out there and each brand has many different models and there are also tons of brands available. So when you make a toilet repair you have to .have the right part for that model. Many brands of toilets you can use universal parts but some of the high end toilets such as Toto or Kohler have special parts that you must use.

Apopka Drain Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how you can prevent a plumbing emergency.  Well most clogged drains are preventable and many times your Apopka plumbing will give you warning signs of a potential emergency plumbing back up before there is a problem. Many Florida homeowners put off calling an Apopka plumber thinking that drain cleaners and time will fix their problems when the fact is that the plumbing problems will only get worse. Here are some major warning signs that you need to call a plumber for drain cleaning service:

When To Hire An Apopka Plumber

If you find yourself in Apopka FL with a plumbing issue such as clogged toilet, most do-it- yourself people can handle this with a plunger. Sometimes you have to work at it for awhile to get the blockage loose but typically it is a fast free fix. A leaky faucet may be the same as you may be able to figure out that something just needs to be tightened and you can just do it your self. But most repairs go beyond what a homeowner in Apopka FL can do and need to call a local Apopka plumber. Our advice is if you are handy and you are a 100% sure you can fix the plumbing repair then go ahead and do it.  If you’re not sure then hire a plumber.

Lake Mary FL Clogged Kitchen Drains

We at Drain Genie Plumbing get called out a lot in Lake Mary Fl for clogged kitchen sinks. One problem is people put grease, rice and pretty much everything you can think of that should not go down your plumbing system. When you cook with oil or fatty meats you should always strain it and put it in a jar to throw away in the trash. Grease is the worst for your plumbing in Lake Mary FL. It sticks to the side of the plumbing drain pipes and slowly builds up like fat in our body’s arteries, it takes time but eventually it will cause your sink to stop working and you will have to call a Lake Mary plumber.