Apopka Sewer Video-Camrea inspection

Why is sewer video inspection important in apopka plumbing drainage systems. Over the last 15 to 20 years technology has come a long way. Video inspection is used by inserting a camera attached to a push rod and the flexible rod connects to a video monitor. The camera has lights on it illuminating the inside of the pipe and it is usually accessed through a clean out plumbing vent on the roof or pulling a toilet and accessing the drainage system from there. The reason why it is important to do video inspections in the sewer line is if you have continuous backups in your plumbing system this will pinpoint the problem such as roots in the line and or bellies in the drain. These problems need to be found and repaired by a Apopka plumber and the only way the plumber will know exactly where the problem is located is to … Continued

Toilet Leaks Are The Main Cause For High Water Bills.

  Toilet leaks can come at anytime and from multiple places in your Apopka Florida home. The main leaks come from your flapper curling and leaking water into the toilet bowl. This is the most common cause of wasted water in your Apopka home. Your toilet can also leak at the tank to bowl seal. This will cause water to leak onto the floor when the toilet is flushed. The next leak is the wax seal this will cause water to pool around the base of the toilet and will require the pulling and resetting of the toilet.   There is a new product that helps detect if your toilet is leaking from the flapper. It is easy to install and will save you money from wasting water. It sticks to the side of the tank and is easy enough for you to install and you don’t need to call your Apopka … Continued

What Are The Problems With Terra Cotta Sewer Mains

Have you had a main drain line back up in your Deltona or Central FL home and your plumber performed drain cleaning and pulled roots out and camera your drain line and found you have terra cotta pipe. Terra cotta pipe has been around for thousands of years and is in many older homes in the U.S.A. The pipe itself is very durable and the problems with terra cotta are the joints or the connections which are the weakest point on the pipe allowing the roots to penetrate into the plumbing system and breaking the line causing your drain to clog.    Another problem with terra cotta pipe is that it is very short in length which means you have many connections. The more connections the more flex you have in the line so as the ground settles you get bellies in the sewer line causing tissue to build up and cause your drain to back up. If you have … Continued

How To Find A Broken Sewer And Make A Sewer Repair

Have you ever had a drain line clog and have to call an Orlando plumber to perform a drain cleaning service. Have you ever wondered why it was backing up? Most of the time if you watch what you put down the drain line then most of the time it is because you may need to do a sewer line repair. How do you know where to fix? Well you start by hiring a local Orlando plumbing company to perform a video sewer inspection after the camera inspection. The plumber should be able to show you where the issue is in the sewer line. You will see exactly where the problem is, whether it is roots or a belly in the line or a broken line. After they see the bad spot in the drain line they would then locate it with a special locating tool, then the plumber would dig up the sewer line and make … Continued

Not Always Does A Plumbing Leak Mean It Is A Major Repair

There are several ways you can get a plumbing leak in your Orlando Florida home such as plumbing fixtures, faucets, and water lines. But when an Orlando homeowner finds water leaking in their bathroom, many automatically think it is coming from those plumbing items but that is not always the case. Water can find its way through the smallest holes. If you see a plumbing leak in your bathroom try to narrow it down. If it’s leaking only when you use something that would mean it is more than likely a drain leaking such as a toilet or tub drain. Many people don’t realize most plumbing leaks come from bad caulking or no caulking at all. If the shower control knobs are not caulked chances are it could be coming from there. Also, if you hang stuff on your shower head, the weight overtime can break the line in the wall and cause a plumbing leak. That only would occur … Continued

What To Look For When Buying A Garbage Disposal

We see many brands of garbage disposals in Apopka and Central Florida which one is the best garbage disposal for your money. When purchasing a garbage disposal there are a few important things to look for. The first is to make sure on the bottom of the unit there is a slot to put an Allen key to un-jam the disposal. In the event you drop something in the garbage disposal by accident your Apopka plumber can un-jam it. Some of the cheap disposals have no place to put a wrench in it to un-jam it making it harder for your plumber to fix it. Sometimes you have to replace it just because there is no spot to put a wrench. The next thing in choosing a disposal is the horsepower and we at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest staying away from 1/3 hp they tend not to be strong enough for … Continued

3 Ways to Detect a Shower Leak

Shower leaks in your Apopka home are very hard to determine where it’s coming from. They can be very destructive by damaging carpet, drywall and wood flooring. There are however some steps a homeowner can perform before calling an Apopka plumber. The first thing to check is if there are any caulking issues water can make its way in the smallest of holes and all your shower knobs and tub spouts should be caulked. The next thing is to pull the plate off the wall around the shower head where it goes into the wall. Many times the threaded goose neck leaks in the wall from rusting over the years this can cause a lot of damage. In this type of situation it can be a simple plumbing repair or it could be a repair that you need to call a local Apopka plumber. The next thing that could be leaking … Continued

Benefits of French Drain Installations

We get it all the time, customer states that they have a plumbing leak in the yard and want  our Apopka plumber to fix it. When the plumber arrives they find the ground spongy and very wet. When they look at the meter for any water movement there is none. Then we ask how is the cost of the water bill and they state normal. Well in these cases the plumbing issue is not a leak but high ground water. Many ask how can this be resolved and the best way is to install a french drain in the area that is affected. To do this the plumber would have to dig up the area and install a 4 inch drain with holes in it, often called a sock pipe. This kind of pipe would be installed and ran to a low area in the yard or retention ditch. The … Continued

Hidden Plumbing Problems under Concrete Slabs

Most people think that plumbing leaks are easily detectable. But this is not always the case because sometimes the plumbing leak is located under your home. If you have a home that is on a raised surface and has a crawl space this is great because the fix should be easily accessible. The problem is that most homes in the Apopka Orlando area are on a concrete slab and all the plumbing is below it. Many times the customer has no clue that they have a plumbing leak until they get a water bill. This type of leak is called a  slab leak. Most of the time these type of leaks need to be electronically found and can be costly for your Apopka plumber to fix. When repairing this type of leak it is best sometimes to just reroute the water lines into the attic. This is called a repipe and will … Continued

Reasons Your Bathroom Sink Is Draining Slow

Are your Apopka bathroom sinks draining slow? There are many things that can clog your bathroom sink. Many people believe that if they have a slow sink and a toilet that they have a main line clog. This is not always true if their is a bathtub in the bathroom and it is draining. Chances are it is two separate clogs and most of the time clogged Apopka bathroom sinks are caused by hair and 9 times out of ten it is right in the pop-up. It very rarely makes it deep into your drain line. This is usually a fairly easy plumbing repair some customers even try it themselves but we suggest calling an Apopka plumber to do this drain cleaning procedure while it’s not easy. It requires taking apart certain pieces of the drain line and many people that try to do it on their own and damage … Continued