Have you had a main drain line back up in your Deltona or Central FL home and your plumber performed drain cleaning and pulled roots out and camera your drain line and found you have terra cotta pipe. Terra cotta pipe has been around for thousands of years and is in many older homes in the U.S.A. The pipe itself is very durable and the problems with terra cotta are the joints or the connections which are the weakest point on the pipe allowing the roots to penetrate into the plumbing system and breaking the line causing your drain to clog.


 Another problem with terra cotta pipe is that it is very short in length which means you have many connections. The more connections the more flex you have in the line so as the ground settles you get bellies in the sewer line causing tissue to build up and cause your drain to back up. If you have Terra Cotta pipe in your Deltona Florida home and have a broken sewer line, we suggest replacing your sewer main to prevent future calls to your Deltona plumber to do drain cleaning which saves you money in the long run. To replace your sewer the plumber needs to replace from the house all the way to the city of Sanford’s sewer tie in. 


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