Kitchen Sink Blockage The number one reason for a kitchen clogs in your Sanford FL home is due to improper use of your garbage disposal. Some of the things you should not put down the kitchen drains in your Sanford FL home are rice, fibrous vegetables and fruits. Also the garbage disposal should be turned on with hot water before putting waste in. If you follow these steps you can save the cost of having a Sanford plumber coming out to your home and having to snake your plumbing system. Common Causes: •Food •Sludge build-up due to grease, soap and food particles •Disposal •Old drains and plumbing pipes Sanford Kitchen and Bathroom Clogs Bathroom Sink Blockage There are two reasons for bathroom sink blockages in Sanford the first is hair and the second is foreign objects. We at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest putting a drain screen in your sink to catch hair, you can get this at any plumbing supply house in Sanford FL. Also we come across a lot of drains that the pop-ups are missing and when this happens anything can fall in there. Some of the things our plumbers have found are toothbrushes, soap caps and kids toys. If you are missing your pop-up call one of our plumbers at 407-393-0717 or contact us by clicking Drain Genie Plumbing it will take you to our contact us page on website. Common Causes: •Hair •Soap build-up •Toothpaste •Shaving cream •Foreign objects Sanford Kitchen and Bathroom Clogs