We have all experienced a drain clog sometime or another here in Sanford FL. Most people that have a drain clog try to clear it themselves without hiring a Sanford plumber. We have seen it all from using a coat hanger to renting a drain cleaning machine, also using a water hose to try to push out the clog. On one particular incident the customer made things worse by getting the hose stuck in the drain line. The bottom line is that most of the time the Sanford Florida homeowner usually makes things worse or wastes their time. We had a customer rent a machine and spend four hours on trying to clear it and finally calling us after all those hours. The problem with renting drain cleaning machines is they usually only come with 50′ of cable and most of the time it is just not long enough. Of course we come in and perform the drain cleaning service and finish in less than an hour but that is because we have the right tools with experience and with the right tools most plumbers make their job look easy. So bottom line is by the time you rent a drain cleaning machine and try it yourself or if you unfortunately get your hose stuck in the line and spend more fixing the problem, we suggest calling a plumber in Sanford FL to do the job right with the right tools and trust me you will be happy you did. If you have a drain problem and need drain cleaning done, we are here 24 hours for emergency plumbing issues. Call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-393-0718.
Sanford Florida Drain Cleaning
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