Save Money On Plumbing Repairs

Your homes plumbing is like anything in life it must be kept up and maintained. If your car has been driven 4000 miles and you continue to drive it with no oil change chances are you are causing damage that you can’t see right away. You will have major repairs in the future because you neglected basic maintenance on your vehicle. The same goes for plumbing repairs if you have a plumbing issue it is good to have it corrected immediately. Leaving a plumbing repair and not taking care of it soon will and could cause major repairs in the future. If you have a drippy faucet for example and let it drip for months. The drip then turns in to a steady run. If left the water can etch the brass and ruin the faucet. You have now gone from a minor plumbing repair to a faucet replacement because … Continued

How To Tighten Plumbing Fixtures Without Scratching Or Breaking

Installing new plumbing fixtures can add a nice fresh look to older outdated homes. It also is a lot cheaper then doing a complete remodel. Many customers will attempt to install the plumbing fixtures on there own. Instead of having the extra expense of hiring a plumber. So when installing these fixtures what is the best way to install without scratching or breaking?Toilet:  When installing a toilet basic tools such as channel locks, crescent wrench and screwdriver are a few tools that you will need. When mounting the tank to bowl do not over tighten. This can break the porcelain. The same goes when tightening the toilet to the floor. Snug the toilet to the floor until it is stable to the floor. To tight can damage toilet and plumbing. Then grout toilet base for extra stability. For best results allow grout to dry 24 hours before use.Faucets:   When … Continued

Top 50 Plumbing Blogs

We have been In the plumbing industry for the past 25 years and have seen many different situations involving repairs. Over the last 9 years we have been writing plumbing blogs about all different situations our plumbers have come across. The whole purpose of us writing these posts are to inform our customers in the Orlando Fl area about common plumbing items and even some uncommon items that they may come across owning a home or business in the area. Our most popular blog articles have been about manibloc systems and replacement of polybutylene piping. We are based out of the Orlando FL area but because of our blogs we have received calls from Texas, North Carolina and Georgia to name a few. Even thou we do not service those areas we have helped many people with plumbing issues over the phone in those areas. We love our customers and … Continued

What Is A Repipe And What Does It Include?

What is a repipe? Most customers don’t really understand what happens or what too expect when repiping a home. Many people assume that repiping means that all there plumbing lines will be replaced both drain and water lines. Or that all plumbing problems will be resolved when they decide on repiping there home. This is not the case. When a Orlando plumber suggests a repipe this is usually in regards to a pressurized leak. So what is and what is not included?What is included in a repipe.Repipe will usually consist of all water lines in the home all lines two each plumbing fixture.New hose connections.All new valves under sinks and toilets.New supply lines.New main shut off to your home and water heater.New laundry box with valves and ice maker box.What is not included in a repipe.Water Main from the city meter to the house. This line is usually PVC in … Continued

Low Water Pressure?

Do you have low water pressure in your Lake Mary home? Having not enough water pressure can be a big problem and can be quite annoying. Have you ever been in the shower and find yourself taking forever to get wet and rinse the soap off! Having low water pressure can be caused by a variety of reasons below we will discuss the most common reasons.Bad water softener  If you have a old water softener or have never had it serviced chances are the media in the tank are bad and can reduce pressure. If this happens there is a bypass valve on the unit turn it to bypass. This will restore water pressure if the problem is the softener.Plumbing Leak.  You can have a plumbing leak and not even know it. Leaks under the ground or under your homes foundation can take a very long time to surface. If … Continued

What Is The Best Way To Clean Persistent Kitchen Clogs?

What is the best way to clean persistent kitchen clogs? Is your kitchen drain running slow?  Is this the first time your kitchen drain is running slow since you’ve lived in your home? If so, we suggest start with a snake or standard drain cleaning. But it really all depends on how you use your kitchen and what goes down the drain. If you have a lot of debris from the disposal or if you put a lot of grease down the drain, the best way to clean it is jet wash or Hydro jet the line and clean all of the debris from your drain line. If you snake the line, it will only be a temporary fix. You will consistently have to call a Orlando plumbing company to clean your drains costing more in the long run. Hydro jetting cost a bit more but cleans the pipe to … Continued

What Is Hydro Jetting And How Is It Different From Snaking?

Hydro jetting or some people call it sewer jetting is it really necessary? What are the differences between Hydro jetting and snaking? These are the questions we hear a lot from our customers.How a Snake Works.  Lets start by explaining how a snake works. With normal drain cleaning a cable or rod is ran through the sewer system until it reaches the clog. Once it reaches the clog it penetrates through the clog and frees the backed up drain. The problem with this is that with roots or grease or heavy build up it will only be partially cleared. There will be a lot of scale and debris on the sides of pipe left causing future drain clogs. Basically snaking will puncture a small hole in the clog and not really clear the whole obstruction.How Hydro Jetting Works.  When hydro jetting is done right it is very effective. Sewer jetting … Continued

Replacing Kitchen Sink And Bathroom Sinks?

Are you thinking about upgrading your kitchen sink and faucet or bathroom sinks this year? Replacing faucets and sinks are a quick way to refresh your home. There are things to look out for before its to late. So many times customers call to have there sinks reconnected to find out there is major problems. The problem is if you are getting deeper sinks such as installing granite tops and mounting sinks from underneath you need to  check the height of your drain line. If you are just installing similar sinks in existing cabinets you should have no issues. When going from a sink that mounts from above to a sink that is deeper and mounts from underneath it changes the drain depth. If you don’t have the depth you are in trouble. We see more of a issue with this on kitchen sinks because the disposal actually makes the … Continued

Is Your Water Heater’s Reset Button Continuously Tripping

We all know how important hot water is in our daily routines hot showers, laundry and washing dishes to name a few. So when your water heater’s reset button keeps tripping what should you do? The first time it happens remove the top panel on the water heater. Inside you will see a red reset button push it to reset the thermostat. If you do this and the button keeps tripping there is a problem with the thermostat and it should be replaced. When this happens try to notice if the water gets extremely hot right before it goes out. This indicates that the thermostats are bad or going bad. The reset button usually trips for safety to prevent the tank from overheating and potentially becoming a bomb. If your heater is continuously tripping you should call a Orlando plumbing company to replace the thermostats. We usually recommend replacing all … Continued

How To Install a Garbage Disposal?

Installing a garbage disposal can be a good weekend do it yourself project. Most people with some basic plumbing knowledge can handle this project. Here are some steps to make it a little easier for our customers to hopefully install there own disposal.Make sure electric breaker is turned off. It’s a good idea not to just turn the switch off but to actually turn the power off at the electric breaker panel. Sometimes if you just turn off the power switch electricity can still be going to unit. This can cause you to get shocked. It is best to be safe and turn off at breaker in your electric panel.   2.  Remove the piping from the disposal so you are able to remove it from the sink. Be careful that you do not loose these pieces. This will be needed to reinstall new disposal. As long as the pieces are … Continued