Orlando Plumbers And The Weird Things We Have Seen

We have done a lot of plumbing jobs over the years and our Orlando plumbers have a lot of stories. Plumbing repairs are not always the same. In fact thats the nice thing about service plumbing! Every plumbing repair is not the same. Almost every job is different and has its own set of circumstances. You really have to think and use your head but sometimes even our plumbers are left scratching there head wondering how certain crazy things happen.One of our recent customers had a sewer line that was constently clogging. We would snake the drain and with in a month or less it would clog again. We decided to video inspect the drain line we found object and dug up drain. Once we cut open the drain line we found the object to be a two by four about 3 feet long. This customer lived in the house … Continued

Adding A Bathroom? Common Misconceptions About The Plumbing

Are you adding a bathroom? When going through the process of adding a bathroom most people tend to think where is the existing plumbing? How far your existing plumbing is from new bathroom will definitely affect the bottom line as far as price. But what are some very important things to be aware of before calling a Orlando plumbing company. Drain location   Drain location is very important. If the drain is to far from the new bathroom it may not have enough fall to reach existing drain. For example if your existing drain is a few inches under the slab and the new bathroom location is twenty feet away this will not work. The reason why is you need at least 1/8″-1/4″ per foot of fall depending on size of pipe to allow gravity to work on waste water. Drain Size  Many of our customers think if they have a drain in … Continued

Prevent Drain Cleaning During Halloween

How to prevent drain cleaning during Halloween? We are getting to that time of the year Halloween the holiday our kids love. This is a great time of the year to do crafts and enjoy quality time with our kids. From decorating the yard to candy to pumpkin picking and then carving the pumpkin. All these traditions your kids will remember for a lifetime and carry it on to there children. But one of these tradtions will cause a plumbing nightmare if you are not carful with disposal and thats pumpkin carving. Through out the year the end of October is one of the busiest times of the year for Orlando plumbers with drain cleaning. Most of the time it is preventable and caused by people not knowing any better. They plan a night to carve the pumpkin with there kids and remove the insides of the pumpkin and dump it … Continued

Plumbing Leaks Are They Covered By Your Insurance?

Plumbing leaks are they covered by your insurance? Leaks on your plumbing system can happen anytime for any reason. Water damage can happen from a broken waterline to a clogged overflowing toilet and can cause thousands in damage to your property. So what is covered by your homeowners insurance in the event of a plumbing leak? Most insurance companies will cover damage caused by leak and cosmetic repairs. So for example if you have unknown plumbing leaks under your slab. First you would need to locate leak which is called electronic leak detection this service is mostly covered by your insurance. Once leak is found under slab the cost for plumbing repair would not be covered however they will reimburse you for the time it takes for the Orlando plumber to access leak and the damage caused to make plumbing repair. This usually covers most of the bill because the … Continued

Mobile Home Plumbing Is It Different?

Is mobile home plumbing different? Bottom line…yes it is. A lot of plumbing companies in Orlando do not work on mobile home plumbing.  A few reasons will follow. First reason is the pipe and fittings on both the drain lines and water lines are very different. The sizes of the pipe tend to be odd sizes and hard to find. Sometimes the plumber will have to order the parts as they are not always in stock. Mobile Home plumbing also is very hard to access. For example, if there is a plumbing leak in the wall you can not just cut the wall open like a regular home. A mobile home has paneling that is very hard to remove to access leaking piping. This can cause much higher plumbing repair bills. Another big issue with plumbing and mobile homes is access under the home that make repairs difficult and dangerous. … Continued

Plumbing Inspection? Things You Can Look For

Things to look for when doing a plumbing inspection. When you purchase a home it is more than likely going to be one of the largest investments in your life, so you need to to know the basics to protect yourself. Hiring a licensed home inspector is the best investment you can make. Also hiring a licensed Orlando plumber to do a plumbing inspection is also a very good idea. The reason you should hire both is because sometimes a Home inspector can miss major plumbing issues. There are some things that you as the homeowner can look for that can save you big-time. When purchasing a preowned home, ask if the piping is original to the home or if it has been updated. If the plumbing has been updated, ask if it was done by a licensed plumbing contractor. What was the material that was used? Is there still a warranty?  Another good … Continued

Drain Genie Plumbing Services ” Happy Labor Day”

This long holiday weekend take time to enjoy your family. Life moves very quickly if you have kids you know this. They start out as little babies and before you know it they are all grown. Enjoy your friends and family enjoy the moment. Make every moment count as you never know what tomorrow will bring life is short take the time to smell the roses and relax. We at Drain Genie Plumbing wanted to thank our techs as well Aaron, Adrain, Colbert and Steve with out them we would not be the company we are. These guys put in hard work blood sweat and tears. They are truly our family and we are thankful this Labor Day that they are part of our team. This holiday please be safe if you drink please do responsibly and don’t drive. Doing so will not only affect you it could affect the … Continued

How To Adjust Temperature On Your Water Heater

How do you adjust the temperature on your water heater? Most water heaters come preset from the factory at a temperature of 120 degrees. For most people this is a perfect heat setting but some people like it hotter. Adjusting the temperature of an electric water heater is not always commonsense most heaters you really have to know how and where to higher the temperature. To adjust the temperature start by locating the breaker for your heater and shutting it off. Next you will need a screwdriver. There will be two panels on the front of the heater unscrew the top and bottom panels and remove them. Once you remove them you will see a plastic cover these usually just pop out. Once these are removed you will see in the top portion of the upper panel and lower panel a temperature adjustment called a thermostat. With a screwdriver adjust … Continued

Save Money On Plumbing Repairs

Your homes plumbing is like anything in life it must be kept up and maintained. If your car has been driven 4000 miles and you continue to drive it with no oil change chances are you are causing damage that you can’t see right away. You will have major repairs in the future because you neglected basic maintenance on your vehicle. The same goes for plumbing repairs if you have a plumbing issue it is good to have it corrected immediately. Leaving a plumbing repair and not taking care of it soon will and could cause major repairs in the future. If you have a drippy faucet for example and let it drip for months. The drip then turns in to a steady run. If left the water can etch the brass and ruin the faucet. You have now gone from a minor plumbing repair to a faucet replacement because … Continued

How To Tighten Plumbing Fixtures Without Scratching Or Breaking

Installing new plumbing fixtures can add a nice fresh look to older outdated homes. It also is a lot cheaper then doing a complete remodel. Many customers will attempt to install the plumbing fixtures on there own. Instead of having the extra expense of hiring a plumber. So when installing these fixtures what is the best way to install without scratching or breaking?Toilet:  When installing a toilet basic tools such as channel locks, crescent wrench and screwdriver are a few tools that you will need. When mounting the tank to bowl do not over tighten. This can break the porcelain. The same goes when tightening the toilet to the floor. Snug the toilet to the floor until it is stable to the floor. To tight can damage toilet and plumbing. Then grout toilet base for extra stability. For best results allow grout to dry 24 hours before use.Faucets:   When … Continued