Cast Iron Pipe Broken How To Know For Sure

Are you having constant back ups in your sewer line? Maybe your home has deteriorating cast iron piping. The first thing is to know what kind of pipe you have in your home. The best way to determine this is the age of your home. For example homes built from the late 70’s til now are usually PVC pipe. While homes built from early 70’s and older are more then like cast iron piping.Once you determine the age of your home and what type of piping you have. The next step is to call an Orlando plumber. If you are having clogs that are all the time and you are not knowing what the issue is? The best way to know is to find a plumber that can hydro jet and camera the sewer line. When cast iron ages it builds flaky scales and rusts from the inside out. This … Continued

Plumbing Repairs When And When Not To Get Insurance Involved

Have a plumbing issue first thought is usually to call the insurance company. This is not always the best case. In this blog we will discuss when and when not to get your insurance company involved. Once determination is a plumbing leak exists it is a good idea to call a plumber. Find out the damage extent and the actual plumbing repairs and cost involved. When not to get insurance involved. Once finding out the damage and cost to make plumbing repairs find out what your deductible is. If there is a $500.00 deductible and repairs or damage are less then that or even a little more its really not beneficial to make an insurance claim. Also it depends where the plumbing repair is and whats affected. For example if the plumbing repair is going to cost a lot to repair and the issue is outside the home the insurance company most … Continued

How To Adjust Water Level In Toilet

Toilets are a necessity in our lives so when they are not working well we tend to panic. There are many reasons a toilet is not working properly. It can be that a object was flushed down the drain or a broken pipe. But it can also be as minor as adjusting the water level in the back tank and adjusting the toilet flapper. Here are some steps to adjust the level in the toilet. If you have a newer fill valve like the above picture water adjustment is easy. Where my finger is pointing there is a spot to put a Phillips screwdriver and twist. Sometimes you don’t need to use a screwdriver you can just spin it with your fingers. As you spin it the float will move up or down depending on which way you spin it. If the float moves up the water level will rise … Continued

Clogged Drain? Is Snaking Safe?

Do you have a clogged drain? This can be a sign that your pipes are failing or even broken. The first step when you have a clog is to call a plumber and have the drain snaked. This will fix 90% of issues in the drainage system (usually just a clog). There are other times that the issue is more involved. This can be because pipes are old and rusting or can be that the pipe is broken. Old cast iron pipe has a tendency to rust and get very thin at the bottom of the pipe and fittings. Water tends to erode the bottom of the pipe and fittings. This can cause sewage leaks and clogs. If the bottom of the pipe or fittings are missing this can cause the snake to catch and break the pipe. It can also cause the equipment to get stuck. Broken PVC pipe is another … Continued

Superior Plumbing Service

This last month we received Angies List Super Service Award for the forth year in a row. This award is given to only a select few and is received for Superior plumbing service. We have had the pleasure of serving many customers this last year. We wanted to thank them for taking the time to review us on Angies List and on review sites across the internet. This award is very hard to receive for one year.. Let alone 4 years straight!Hear are some requirements from Angies List. “2018 Super Service Award winners must meet strict eligibility requirements, which include maintaining an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade and review period grade. The winners must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check, submit a current trade license attestation and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines”Could not do it without our great customer base. We have … Continued

What Is The Main Sewer Drain To Your Home?

What is your main sewer drain and what is its purpose? Your plumbings drainage system consists of many components. The main drain plays a very important part in your overall drainage system. Think of it as like your main artery in you body if it has issues everything stops. The same goes with your homes main drain.The purpose of the main drain is to carry all waste water into city sewer system. The main drain connects to each branch line which includes kitchen sink, bathrooms and laundry. When you have a issue with the main drain it will affect everything in your home. Essentially your homes main drain is the lifeline to your home. It is very important to protect your main drain line in your home.Here are somethings you can do to protect your drain. Watch what goes down the drains. Don’t flush wipes, feminine products, ear swabs, dental … Continued

Plumbers Prices Why So Much?

So you have a plumbing issue and need an Orlando plumber to make repairs? Calling around you think, “wow these prices are expensive! How can it cost that much for such a simple toilet clog?” So after calling multiple plumbers you decide on the company. They send a tech out, he comes in and snakes the toilet, resolves the issue and writes the bill. You think how can 15 minute job cost over a hundred dollars?Well, lets first start with this…running a plumbing company has many hidden costs that the homeowner never sees. These costs are but not limited to labor, insurance, gas, vehicle maintenance, advertising, license fees, credit card processing fees and administration costs. Running a plumbing company is very expensive. Advertising and insurances can run thousands a month and all these cost must be calculated into the prices so some profit is made. Without profit, then the company … Continued

Free Plumbing Estimates? Not All The Time.

Many customers want free plumbing estimates. While most times, this is no problem sometimes it can’t happen. If you have ever had a leaking water heater or a bad garbage disposal and called a company for a plumbing estimate chances are you are able to get one. Jobs like this are very easy to quote over the phone and give free plumbing estimates. However, many times people call with a hidden leak or a job that needs investigation to diagnose the issue. It is very hard to give free estimates for jobs like this. Why is this do you ask? Well have you ever had a issue that you have to go to the doctor for tests to diagnose an issue and find out the diagnoses of what is wrong? They expect payment and charge you for these services. The same goes for a plumbing contractor. For example, you have a … Continued

Can Plumbing Vents Get Clogged?

If you are a homeowner chances are you will have a plumbing issue with your home eventually. Whether it’s a clogged drain or leaking pipe plumbing issues are inevitable. The average person does not know about their plumbing system and how it operates. So what is a plumbing vent?  How do they operate? Can they clog?The Plumbing Vent:    Is a pipe that extends 6″-8″ through the roof. It can be a mechanical Device that is placed underneath your sinks called an air admittance valve. How the vent works is by regulating the air pressure in your drainage system. This helps with keeping your drains flowing freely. Have you ever placed your finger over a straw? The water gets trapped in the straw. When you release your finger the water flows freely. It works the same way in your plumbing system.Can Plumbing Vents Get Clogged:  yes vents can get clogged causing … Continued

Drain Genie Plumbing Your Orlando Plumbing Company

 It feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of 2018 and here we are at the end. It seems like the older we get the faster time goes. Drain Genie Plumbing your Orlando plumbing company would like to thank all our customers. For there trust in us and there loyalty with us. We would also like to thank our employees for all there hard work! Without the dedication and hard work and attention to detail our Orlando plumbing company would not be what it is today. This holiday season take the time too enjoy the moment with your friends and family. Because life is short kids grow quickly and life goes on. Enjoy the small moments with your family. You will look back and remember these things and cherish them as you get older.We do close early on Christmas Eve and are closed on Christmas. Because we like to give … Continued