Orlando Sewer Camera Services

Drain Genie Plumbing has sewer camera services in Orlando and surroundings areas. When do you need a sewer camera? If you have a drain line backing up often you should ask your Orlando plumber to video camera the line to see whats going on in your drain. You could have a belly in the line holding waste. Or if your plumber is cleaning the drains and pulls roots back this will clear the drain but the roots will eventually grow back and clog the drain again. The camera can locate the root penetration and tell you where to dig it up and repair it. The sewer camera works by running a small camera through your drain line and you can see the inside of the pipe on a monitor. When you find the problem area, you turn the locator on and locate where the problem is then dig up the sewer line and make your repair. This procedure will solve … Continue reading Orlando Sewer Camera Services