The temperature is rising here in Orlando Florida which means summer is almost here. The kids will be out of school and most families plan their vacation in the months of June and July. Most people plan and pack for there vacations months ahead of summer and have every detail planned out. One big thing that becomes an issue is that your Orlando plumbing system in the summer months we see a high amount of calls from devastating plumbing leaks that spring up when you are having fun away on vacation. You come back to beautiful Orlando after a long vacation to find your home flooded and water damage everywhere. The important tip is that most of these floods can be avoided by one big step and that is to find your main water shut-off and make sure it works. If you are leaving your home on vacation shut off the main water and test it to make sure it works by turning on a faucet and make sure no water comes out. Many times the customer will find the main valve but not make sure it works. If you find the valve and it does not work, hire an Orlando plumber to install a new valve. The cost to install a valve will be far less than the damage a flood will cost. Not only the cost of the damage is devastating but sentimental things can be destroyed to. If you don’t see a valve hire an Orlando plumber to find the water main and install a valve. So many times a plumbing leak that happens while your on vacation can be easily prevented by shutting off your valve. They also make devises that can automatically shut your main valve off when it detects a leak. Bottom line is if you go away shut your main water valve off and if you do not have one, just install it. If you need an Orlando plumber please call us at 407-490-1230. We are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing repairs and we are Orlando Florida’s top plumbing company. Orlando Plumber
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