In your Orlando FL home electric water heater problems fall in to two categories. Water leaks on the tank and not enough or no hot water. Water Leaks: Some water leaks can be repaired by a Orlando plumber. Water connections on the top of the water heater can be repaired by an plumber, if the relief valve leaks, it can be replaced and if the boiler drain leaks it can be replaced by an Orlando plumber. But, if the tank leaks, the water heater must be replaced. Orlando Florida Water Heater Repairs Not Enough Or No Hot Water: There are several things that cause this plumbing problem, but it is usually the failure of a thermostat, or heating element in your water heater. This means these parts will have to be replaced by an Orlando plumber. Some water heaters have one element and one thermostat and others have two elements and two thermostats. When one of these components fail, it usually means the others are marginal. We at Drain Genie Plumbing always recommend you replace thermostats and elements when doing your water heater repairs.You can call us at 407-490-1230 or click Drain Genie Plumbing and go to our ‘Contact Us’ page. Orlando Florida Water Heater Repairs