There are many cities in Central Florida like Lake Mary that the municipalities are installing double check valves on your Lake Mary water meter to prevent contamination from water getting back into the cities water system. Recently we had  a customer have this problem she had high water pressure about 85 psi and when she would use the hot water and the water heater was heating it would expand and have no were to go because of the double check valve causing it to leak out of the T&P or relief line and drip into the pan. So to fix this problem we had to preform a Lake Mary water heater repair and install a expansion tank to relieve the problem. An expansion tank should be installed by a Lake Mary plumber and it should be installed on the cold water supply after the water heater shut off valve the best way to install a expansion tank is to use a 3/4 brass tee and screw it on to the right side of the heater on the heat trap nipple this is the best spot for your plumber to install the expansion tank because it will be a sturdy connection the expansion tank is heavy and is about the size of a gallon milk jug and is half filled with water and air this gives a closed plumbing system the ability to expand and contract. If you need a Lake Mary water heater repair call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-519-1020.
Lake Mary Water Heater Repair
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