Commercial plumbing is much different then residential plumbing in the Orlando area. One of the most common things in commercial plumbing that has issues is a clogged urinal. So a urinal only flushes liquid down the drain so how in the world does it get clogged. Well with all the low flow fixtures the water flow is very little in urinals and constant use will build up calcium from the urine. This will build up in the urinal its self and also in the pipes in the wall causing the urinal to drain slow. So what is the best process your Orlando plumber can use to unclog the urinal. There are a lot of individuals that will just dump acid in the line let it soak and flush it out. While this works sometimes it is not the best process to clean the urinal. The best way is to do these two steps:

  1. Pull urinal off the wall and soak it in a calcium dissolver such as Sizzle.
  2. While the urinal is off the wall soaking the plumber should then snake the line in the wall all the way to the main drain.

By the time the plumber is done snaking the drain the urinals will have been soaking long enough and should be rinsed out throughly, then hung on the wall and flushed numerous times to rinse the lines out in the wall. Most plumbers take short cuts on snaking a urinal if they do the urinal will clog up sooner and you will have to call them out to snake it again. If you need a commercial plumber in Orlando FL call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.

Orlando Urinal
Orlando Urinal

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