Casselberry Leaking Shower: There is a possibility for plumbing leaks at several places in your Casselberry home. Locating the leak is sometimes easy, other times difficult for your Casselberry plumber. Depending on the location of the plumbing repair and the construction of your Casselberry home. A very common cause of a plumbing leak in the shower is a defective shower pan. A shower pan is a liner installed by a plumber underneath the tile floor of the shower.The tile and grout on the floor are porous and water seeps through them. The pan collects the water and directs it to the drain. When a shower pan leaks in your house it must be replaced by an Casselberry plumber. This involves removing the tile on the floor of the shower and partially up the wall about 12″. The plumber then folds a new pan with a vinyl shower pan. The plumber then tests for leaks by plugging the drain and filling the shower with water if no leaks you then can have your tile man replace the tile.

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