Garbage Disposals: Garbage disposals in Altamonte Springs, if you have a disposal are you using it right? The first problem our Altamonte Springs plumbers see is that people put everything down the garbage disposals such as: egg shells, bones, corn stalks, rice, pasta, potato peels, and celery. These things will clog your disposal and damage your plumbing, they should not be put down at all. The water should be turned on and then turn on disposal,  and then add the food but no fibrous foods or starchy foods. If you have a bad odor coming from your kitchen sink plumbing try this: turn the water on, then disposal, add ice, the ice cleans the blades then add some lemon juice it will eliminate the odor. Also another plumbing problem our Altamonte Springs plumbers see is people that do not use their disposals at all. This is not good, either debris and slime build up in disposal causing it to clog. There have been many times our plumbers go out to a clogged kitchen and it is just that the disposal needs to be turned on. This will also cause your dishwasher to back up in the sink because your dishwasher drains into the disposal. If your disposal becomes jammed there is a spot in the middle of the disposal underneath that you can insert an Allen key and unjam it. There is also a red reset button underneath for you to press, if you have no power to unit. If your disposal leaks and needs to be replaced our Altamonte Springs plumbers can install a new one for you and we suggest having your plumber install at least a 1/2 horse disposal with a good warranty. You can reach Drain Genie Plumbing for any plumbing questions at 407-393-0717 or click contact us to e-mail. Altamonte Springs Plumbers